We are a big family lives in France, including my grandpa and grandma, all of us love to travel around the world. We are planning to have a Taiwan family trip, especially to take a Taipei tour in the lively town – Pingxi.


Thus, we found a reliable Taipei travel agency – Justaiwantour to plan a Taipei private tour for our vacation in Taipei.


Pingxi old street, where runs along both sides of the railway track, cutting in between two rows of shops. Both sides of the railway are lined with sky lanterns or souvenirs shops, grocery stores and eateries. Almost all shops sell either sky lanterns or lantern related souvenirs such as key chains and decorations. We purchased miniature sky lanterns, postcards and other interesting souvenirs for our friends.


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Our Taiwan guide told us that Pingxi Old Street is usually overrun by who takes day trip from Taipei and wishes to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. We walked freely on the railway track, releasing brightly colored lanterns into the sky.


The street was especially crowded on the weekend and public holidays. Both locals and tourists flock to this small town to release paper lanterns with their prayers. The entire street tends to get more crowded in the evening. Thus, we thought of visiting early on a weekday is the best way to avoid the crowd.



When it comes to Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, its tradition was brought to Taiwan and celebrated during the beginning of the planting season where people would release sky lanterns into the air with their prayers for the coming year. (Read More: CNN: A Taiwan village where wishes light up the night sky)



It eventually evolved into a local tradition in Pingxi area in New Taipei City where lanterns are released into the air, carrying their wishes into the heavens where they will be heard. Thus, we wrote some wishes on the lanterns and released them to the air, hoping our wish will come true. Personally, releasing lanterns that full of wishes with the people you love was meaningful and the best way of having fun in Pingxi. (Read More: 6 Lantern Festivals That’ll Brighten Your Life)


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