My boyfriend and I are spending five days in the center and the north of Taiwan. The last day of this Taiwan tour, we are traveling to northern Taiwan cause the next early morning we are heading back to Indonesia through Taoyuan airport (TPE).



We arrived at first stop: Jiufen through the private chartered service provided by a Taipei travel agency –  Justaiwantour! and as the Taipei day tour’s travel itinerary. We visited the local mini temple—Jinshan rock, which is located on Jishan street in Jiufen old street. Although it is not the most popular tourist attraction in Taipei, there are still many couples visiting here. Our private tour guide in Taiwan told us that the couple’s love tokens smoked with the temple’s incense, the couple’s love will last for a long time. Jiufen is not only a tourist attraction but also a romantic Taiwan vacation destination!



Jinshan rock sits in a high altitude and provides a great spot for overlooking the night view of Jiufen. Next stop we visited Jiufen Goldore Museum, which was founded by Mr. Zeng Shui-chih. He used to be an experienced miner. He recorded the Jiufen changes in the times, mining techniques and memories of ancient times in museums. Mr. Zeng Shui-chih finally died in 2012 due to the occupational disease of the miners—lung cancer.



I think the representative colors of Jiufen are golden and red because Jiufen has splendid gold and the street dyed red by lantern. Finally, we visited the oldest cinema in Taiwan, the Shengping theatre. Many Taiwanese movies find a view in this theatre such as City of Sadness, Blue Mountain Coffee and Japanese Anime Movies—Spirited away.


We will be staying at Jiufen tonight, I highly recommend staying at least one night in Jiufen, the night view of Jiufen is stunning! Living in such romantic place can increase the relationship of couples. We really enjoyed the last day of the Taipei private tour.


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