Our families are tourists from Singapore and we joined a Taipei private tour. During our visit to Taipei, we communicated with the local tour guide and costumed some day trips. We love cities, but one must escape to magical places for a change of pace. An enchanted adventure that was top on our list was a trip to Jiufen and Pingxi. Not too far from the city, it gives you a glimpse of another side of Taiwan that you can’t experience in Taipei. Both of these towns we can reach by train/bus, but the easiest way is by booking a day trip to Jiufen and Pingxi with Taiwan private tour.

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Shifen, located in the Pingxi District is most known for releasing Chinese lanterns while standing on the train tracks of the old street. Visitors flock to Pingxi once a year for the Pingxi Lantern Festival, and they let their wishes go year round as if they are going back in time to a slow coal mining town rich in history.

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We do not feel pushed around too much and just enjoy our time. The tour guide is knowledgeable throughout the whole trip. Having a van allowed flexibility, as well as beautiful high viewpoints without walking. we were able to look down from above at the Yin-Yang Sea, explore old gold mines, gaze at the Golden Waterfall, having lunch while taking in the quaint street of Jiufen and release your own wishes on the tracks of historic Shifen. Hence, making this the best day ever. This can all be done without worrying about navigating public transportation. The trip was easy and the perfect day trip and break from the bustling city of Taipei. After the trip to Pingxi, we are already looking forward to having another trip to Pingxi.



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