My girlfriend Ivy who lives in Los Angles decided to visit me in Taiwan in order to celebrate our three-year anniversary. We always imagined that one day we could release our own burning lantern into the night sky as a declaration of our love. After Disney released Tangled in 2010, viewers everywhere have swooned at the romantic scene where Rapunzel and Flynn sing to each other as floating lanterns glow like stars in the inky night air. (Read Also: CNN: A Taiwan village where wishes light up the night sky & THE STORY OF THE PINGXI LANTERN FESTIVAL)


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To fulfill our dream and celebrate our anniversary, I took Ivy to participate a Taipei private tour in Pingxi (near to Shifen) which got famous by elected as the most romantic place in Taiwan in 2014 and the awarded movie “You Are the Apple of My Eye“. This movie featured a romantic scene involving the releasing of a sky lantern. Experiencing a sky lantern has always been our dream and we were given the opportunity to decorate and release our own sky lanterns, as well as stroll along the rustic railway, hand in hand, or explore the Pingxi old street, where a street built into a hill with a train track going overhead. (Read Also: History of Sky Lanterns – Who Invented Sky Lantern? & How Sky Lantern Involved in Eco-Conflicts & What Eco-Lantern Can Help)



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If you are looking for a memorable place and activity to declare your love to your significant other, or even pop the question, you can’t go wrong with Pingxi and its famous sky lanterns. Pingxi is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Taiwan and also the best activity to do in New Taipei City. Thus, we highly recommend Pingxi to release your own lantern with your valentine (or even with your family during this Taiwan family trip)! We can say that Pingxi is a romantic Taiwan vacation and with the must try in Taiwan!

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Also, for an eco-friendlier way, you can choose “sustainable sky lantern”!



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