During this summer vacation, I planned a Taiwan tour with a group of friends and planned to visit museums in northern Taiwan as a theme of summer homework report.

After we arrived at Taoyuan Airport, the tour guide arranged by the travel agency came to meet us. It’s very cost-effective to buy a Taiwan tour package. As a student, this is a Taipei private tour without economic pressure.

The first day of the tour was near Taipei, so we chartered to Jiufen for a Taipei day tour.

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The tour guide arranged for us to visit the Jiufen gold mine museum.it’s located next to Jiufen old street. All kinds of ore are experienced for at least a hundred years, so each ore is very precious. There are videotapes and detailed oral explanations in the museum. If you still don’t understand, you can at any time ask the narrator. The Jiufen gold mine museum arranged for professionals to perform the process of extracting the gold from the sand. There are two floors in the pavilion, the first floor is the ore display area and the second floor is the film appreciation and sand gold extraction performance area.
If you want to get a deeper understanding of the history of Jiufen, then I will recommend the Jiufen gold mine museum, it will help you imagine the flourishing of the Jiufen at that time.

Later, we also visited the Jiufen’s literature and history studio. Luo Jikun is the founder of this studio. He said, ” The area hasn’t hospitality is a space problem, not a human problem.” So he began to look for rural areas in Taiwan, hoping to find The place of hospitality and finally, he came to Jiufen. He worked hard to record the beauty of Jiufen and witnessed the Jiufen from the dejected city to the Art village and finally became the famous old street. Luo Jikun recorded Jiufen photos and articles have become an important document today.

I was deeply touched by the history of Jiufen Taiwan and decided to use Jiufen’s historical story as the theme of my summer homework report.

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