This is my last summer vacation at my university. We choose Taiwan as our destination for the graduation trip.

Why should you choose Taiwan as your next stop?

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It was also the first time we visit Asia. Everything we met in Taiwan is amazing, especially the Jiufen old street. Jiufen is a small town built on the mountainside. The first sight we saw Jiufen we were all stunned. As if we were in the scene of the film, Spirited Away. Then, our tour guide told us that Jiufen used to be the most important gold mine in Asia in the 1910’s. Because of these gold mine and wealth, Jiufen even gained a nickname like “Little Hong Kong” in the past. My classmates and I explored the Jiufen old street and walked along the stairs.


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Fortunately, the weather was not bad when we arrived. Our tour guide said that the weather in Jiufen is always rainy. There are more than 200 rainy days a year in Jiufen. So we are very lucky! The cloudy weather was very cool and comfortable.

There are many lanterns hanging around the Jiufen old street. I love these lanterns so much, they are mysterious and cute for me. We took many pictures in the narrow old streets with lanterns. And of course, we didn’t forget the delicious food in Jiufen. Such as the famous dessert-taro balls made from taro and sweet potato. We also visited the most famous Jiufen tea house – Amei Tea House. Tasting the Taiwan Oolong Tea and enjoyed the beautiful seascape.

What to eat in Jiufen?


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While we were about to leave Jiufen. The light of sunset turned Jiufen into golden. At the same time, the light of the old street was lit up suddenly! The whole city was sparkling and shining, just like the prosperity time of golden town in the past.


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