I am an Asian born in San Francisco, where is situated in the west of the United State. I always thought of coming backing to Taiwan to celebrate my birthday and visiting the famous historic town, Jiufen and soaking ourselves in the antique multiple stairway vibes in the Jiufen old street. Fortunately, my grandpa in Taiwan was a local guide of Jiufen before. Thus, we went on a Taipei day tour to Jiufen on the past few weeks. A long time ago, Jiufen was a tiny village populated only by nine families. So whenever someone traveled to the coast to buy supplies, they would always buy “nine portions”. What’s more, the Chinese pronunciation of “nine portions” is “Jiu-fen”, which is the origin of this place name.


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Fast-forward to the 1890s when gold was discovered in the area, and the area experienced a mining boom — this lasted until after WWII when the town slowly began to decline. The mines were closed in the 1970s, and Jiufen was all but forgotten until it became the nostalgic backdrop in an award-winning film, A City of Sadness, almost twenty years later. After that, Jiufen developed into a popular tourist attraction and served as the inspiration to another film — the ghost town in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. It is quite interesting for a movie fan like me and I truly love the place where surrounded by mountains and ancient stuff like Jiufen. It was my most impressive birthday ever in my life.


You may wonder what to eat in Jiufen


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