As an Australian, June was the beginning of our wintertime so we often went to some warm places to have fun. We were a group of eight people and decided to spend three days in Taiwan during our winter vacation. Before we landed in Taiwan, we saw the fabulous coastal line of Northern Taiwan where we went there the day after we arrived. Since we were a group, we hired a small bus for all my friends and me to go Jiufen to start our Taiwan tour.

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For nature lovers, teapot mountains can be written into your pocket list. You can overlook the hills and the ocean. It is just around Jiufen. How nice is it?


I grabbed some useful information on the Internet before so I knew Jiufen used to do its gold mining activities but preserve Taiwanese history and culture nicely nowadays. There were a lot of excellent cafes and restaurants that we can choose around its old street area. When we had our lunch in a tea house, I heard that some tourists said that several popular hotels were already fully booked because of Taiwan’s upcoming summer vacation, so I recommended people to make a reservation earlier if you want to visit here. Fortunately, Jiufen’ weather was still cool and comfortable at the moment.


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一日冬,一日夏,今天是充滿陽光的一天~~~ 總之,因應疫情狀態,本週起我們將調整開放時間,營業日改為週四至週一,週二週三為休息日。 4月開放日: 4/16(四)、17(五)、18(六)、19(日)、20(一) 4/23(四)、24(五)、25(六)、26(日)、27(一) 4/30(四) 店內座位原本還算鬆散,我們仍稍微拉開了座位間距,請聽從工作伙伴的引導入座,非常時期麻煩大家多多配合了,謝謝~~~ #雞蛋糕 #野事雞蛋燒 #九份雞蛋糕 #序 #淘金熱1893 #野事草店 #藥茶店 #九份 #咖啡 #九份九事 #淡蘭 #wildherbsgallery #jiufen #cafe #gallery #coffee #herbaltea #eggcake #jiufeneggcake #taiwanfood #jiufenfood #foodie

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The night view in Jiufen is also amazing!

Taipei is the most prosperous capital of Taiwan which was also renowned for its modern architectures. We spent a day for a Taipei day tour in a cute double-decker. It was just like the one in London, we enjoyed spring breeze on the second floor of the bus and passed lots of iconic landmarks, my friends and I shared a wonderful trip together and relaxed perfectly in Taipei. We thought the city was so friendly because there were English signs everywhere and we could read easily during our Taipei tour packages.

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