Cycling has become increasingly popular in Taiwan in recent years, with many beautiful and scenic routes across the island. Here are some of the best places to bike in Taiwan and some tips for cycling in the country:

Taroko Gorge: Located on the eastern coast of Taiwan, the Taroko Gorge offers stunning scenic views while cycling through winding roads into the mountains. Taroko Gorge National Park is one of the nine national parks in Taiwan and was named after the Taroko Gorge, the landmark gorge of the park carved by the Liwu River. However, keep in mind that the roads can be steep and challenging.

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Sun Moon Lake: The lake is a popular choice for cycling enthusiasts with a circular route of around 33 km that winds around the shoreline, and one of popular tourist destinations. Visitors can bike through the surrounding forests, cycle paths, and catch sight of its waterfront views and temples.

Sun Moon Lake was selected as one of the top 10 most beautiful cycling routes in the world by CNN.

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Sun Moon Lake is divided into 5 sections of routes:

  1. Shiangshan Section (3.4 km): Shuishe Pier → Shiangshan Visitor Center
  2. Sun Moon Lake Section (3.6 km): Shiangshan Visitor Center → Entrance of Huan Tan Road Tunnel 1
  3. Dadashao Section (2.1 km): Dadashao Pier, next to Chunghwa Telecom Hall → Jiuwa Stacking Stones
  4. Songbolun Section (1.8 km): Dazhu Lake Viewpoint → Entrance of Songbolun Trail (near Wenwu Temple)
  5. Shuishe Section (3.1 km): Wenwu Temple Nian Ti Stairs Trail → Shuishe Pier
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Taiwan Bike Route No. 1: This is a 968 km bicycle route around the island of Taiwan. The route is divided into seven sections, each with varying degrees of difficulty, catering for all levels of cyclists.


Kenting National Park: This southern region of Taiwan is Taiwan’s tropical paradise, where the rugged terrain offers a challenging cycling experience for mountain bikers seeking an adrenaline rush. This area boasts seaside views, swaying palms, rolling hills, and cool springs for refreshment on various tracks and trails leading into the beach.

Tips for Cycling in Taiwan:

  1. It’s essential to bring good-quality cycling gear, including gloves, padded shorts and jerseys, a helmet, and comfortable shoes. Dress for the appropriate weather conditions.
  2. To avoid tourist crowds and extreme weather, it is recommended to plan your cycling voyage during the offseason.
  3. Observing appropriate traffic rules, including taking care when cycling around public transportation such as buses, should be taken seriously. Making hand signs while riding and practicing caution to the opposite turns you’re making highly suggested.
  4. Avoid cycling on highways or areas not designated as cycle routes or roads that are not designated for cyclists. Most of the long-distance and scenic bike routes have separate bike lanes for cyclists for safety.
  5. Carry enough water and essentials like dry snacks, medication, first aid kit and bike repair tools. Rest stops with drinking fountains exist in parks, temples, schools, or 7-11 corners.
  6. Make the most of Taiwan’s network of cycle-friendly guesthouses and hotels so you can spread out your route over a longer time frame.

Cycling in Taiwan is an incredible experience that every cycling enthusiast should add to their bucket list. From stunning scenery and first-class infrastructure to biker-friendly accommodation, Taiwan offers a unique biking experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure that you plan your route, pack appropriately, taste some delicious food with friends, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

The Beautiful Scenery:
Taiwan’s varied terrain offers incredible scenery to cyclists. The East Rift Valley is mostly flat and offers an easy cycling route along the surrounding green rice fields and scattered hot springs until the mountains fade into the horizon. The infamous Taroko Gorge, on the other hand, showcases spectacular instances of cliff faces, hidden valleys, and waterfalls. Whether climbing steep roads up to mountain ridges, descending through vibrant meadows, or rolling along idyllic country villages along Taiwan’s coastlines, Taiwan cycling routes offers breath-taking views everywhere you look!

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Taiwan as a biking community:
Taiwan has developed a strong cycling culture. On weekends, both foreigners and locals take to the roads to cycle in groups, helping to promote an activity that is both enjoyable and social. This has given rise to a network of bike-themed cafes, guesthouses and souvenir shops that offer chances to refuel or get inspired. Also, taking part in organized cycling events such as the annual Taiwan KOM Challenge has made it a pastime that locals and travelers share.

Infrastructure for Bikers:
One of the essential things about cycling in Taiwan is the high cycling infrastructure systems the country provides, making it incredibly easy to travel across the island. Taiwan’s dedicated bike paths like the cycle route no.1 simply enhances the experience, making the cycling journey much easier, with plenty of support available for both the seasoned and beginner cyclists. Around Taipei, the city encourages cycling with dedicated bike paths, cycle rental systems, access to the local attractions and night markets. It’s perhaps one of the best things to cyclists.


Safety and Travel Tips:
Cycling in Taiwan can be an intense adventure that requires careful planning. Start by preparing your cycling maps and itinerary appropriately, to maximize your touring experience that greatly reflects and showcase how diverse Taiwan function as a country. Helmets are a compulsory item but ensure you bring sturdy clothing suitable for Taiwan’s local weather conditions. The best months to cycle are March to May and October to December, as the humidity and heat decrease or are ideal for shoulder seasons with fewer tourists.

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