Kaohsiung City is a special municipality in southern Taiwan. Since founding in the 17th century, Kaohsiung has grown from a small trading village into the political and economic centre of southern Taiwan, with key industries such as manufacturing, steel-making, oil refining, freight transport and shipbuilding. The Port of Kaohsiung is the largest and busiest harbour in Taiwan while Kaohsiung International Airport is the second.

The Pier-2 Art Center

The Pier-2 Art Center was once an abandoned warehouse site near to Kaohsiung Harbor, due to city’s shift from industrial city to service city. The warehouses were originally built in 1973, had been forgotten and buried in history until 2001. Thanks to the persistence of local artists, who injected waves of creativity and inspiration into the area since then, and finally remade it to be an arts center.

The Map of The Pier-2 Art Center
Source by: https://en.pier2.org/map/

In 2006, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government has taken over The Pier-2 Art Center and started a series of exhibitions. With the collision of an old area and new fine art, Pier-2 becomes an area of new vitality and liveliness. Nowadays, there are all kids of stores and exhibitions in the warehouse; and irregular theme market such as vintage flea market.

Bigger than the one in Taipei, the rainbow painting on the floor in The Pier-2 Art Center was open to public since November 14, 2020. (Read more: Taiwan No.1 – 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade)

Kaohsiung Light Rail System

Construction of the Kaohsiung MRT (KMRT) started in October 2001 then opened to public in 2008, while the Circular light rail in 2015. The Circular LRT Line in Kaohsiung City is a light rail line. Construction of Phase I, C1 Kaisyuan to C14 Sizhihwan began in June 2013. Phase I had operations on September 2017.

Unlike the Kaohsiung MRT Red Line and the Orange Line, the Kaohsiung Light Rail is charged at a lower rate. The general fare for each light rail is NT$30, and there is a special offer for people who use the digital wallet (such as iPass, EasyCard, icash, etc.), is only NT$10.

Source by: https://khh.travel/zh-tw/travel/tour/42

You may have heard of both “light rail” and “tram” system, so what’s the difference between them?

A tram is a vehicle which runs on fixed rails and is designed to travel on streets, sharing road space with other traffic and pedestrians. Light rail vehicles are a modern version of the tram. Light rail is to describe a smaller vehicle which has lower capacity and lower speed than conventional railways. Furthermore, trams’ carriages are joined together as railway and passengers could not walk through the two separate trams. However light rail vehicles are joined by a concertina link that enables passengers to walk between.

Tram (TRAMWAY) in Paris.
Source by: https://en.parisinfo.com/practical-paris/how-to-get-to-and-around-paris/public-transport
Light Rail (CTrain) in Calgary.
Source by: https://calgaryherald.com/news/traffic/ctrain-driver-walks-off-job-stranding-passengers-after-flames-game

Great Harbor Bridge

The Great Harbor Bridge, is the first pedestrian swing bridge in Taiwan and the longest swing bridge in Asia. The bridge connects Kaohsiung’s Peng-lai Commercial Harbor area with the Pier-2 Art Center, and has become the most popular tourist attraction in the waterfront area of Port of Kaohsiung.

The Great Harbor Bridge is both multi-functional and aesthetic built by Taiwan International Ports Co., Ltd. (TIPC). One of the most unique function of this bridge is horizontal swing for 90 degrees, which allows the waterway for ships and convenient passage between the Penglai Port Area (Penglai Wharf) and the Pier-2 Art Center. It takes only 2 minutes to walk through the bridge, and 5 to rotate.

The length of the Bridge is 110 meters and the maximum capacity of the bridge is 500 pedestrians and cyclists. It’s opened to public from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., visitors can enjoy the view of wonderful seascape and landscape around Port of Kaohsiung from the 3 meters high observatory above the bridge.

Source by: https://art.branipick.com/great-harbor-bridge-also-known-as-dagang-bridge-near-the-pier-2-art-center-bridge-in-kaohsiung-taiwan-at-109-5-meters-it-is-the-longest-cross-harbor-swing-bridge-in-asia-2048×1280/

FOOD TO EAT (latest updated)


If you have ever tried traditional street foods in night markets, you must not miss – Taiwanese salty chicken! Filled with chickens and those spices such as green onions and garlic… can you image Taiwanese salty chicken being vegetarian?! (Read more: India vs. Taiwan in Vegetarianism)

As a dining car, LIN-JEN MAMA is cooler than just a street vendor – it can drive to everywhere! Whenever it is, there will always be a long queue attached to it. Please prepare yourself to wait for about an hour. Before you try to visit them, check its facebook to know where to find them.

I am lucky enough to encountered this hype vendor here in Pier-2 Art Center, and only waited for 15 minutes!

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