There are lots of old streets in Taiwan, most of them are tourist attractions in Taiwan. When it comes to Central Taiwan, Lukang Old Street is the one you cannot miss. Located in Changhua County, Lukang Old Street is a well-preserved cultural and historical heritages. Being one of Taiwan’s oldest town, Lukang Town has its history dating back to Qing Dynasty occupation period in 17 Century.

Chinese style pastry store: Yu Jen Jai in Japanese occupation.
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Yu Jen Jai at the same location nowadays.
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“Lukang” in Mandarin means “Deer Port”, it was once a bustling harbor owing to the policy by the government at that time. Being well-preserved, Lukang Old Street is filled by traditional Taiwanese style houses. With red brick walls and carved doorways, all decoration delivers a retro vibe. Many residents are still running business for local food or antique toys in their old houses. If you have more than one day, you should include this old city in your Taiwan tour other than just Taipei day tour!

One of an ally of Lukang Ola Street.
Spotted cute cat in front of the shop.

Lukang Tianhou Temple

Lukang Tianhou Temple is also known as the Lukang Mazu Temple, dedicated to the goddess Mazu. There are three major Mazu temple in Taiwan: Taipei Guandu Temple, Lukang Tianhou Temple and Beigang Chaotian Temple. To know more about Mazu, click here! (How can a Taiwan tour without visiting temples?)

Archway of Lukang Tianhou Temple, with slogan “Wear a mask to protect people and yourself” on the electronic scroll.

Lukang Tianhou Temple was built in the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty; the temple worships Goddess Mazu, which was one of tutelary gods for people in Minnan area in early days. In 1725 (during Qing Dynasty), Mazu Temple was relocated to current address today. In the back of the temple, there is a culture museum of Goddess of Sea, introducing the history and the role of the Mazu in the society.

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Lukang Gentlemen Lane – Molu Lane

It is actually a mediocre tourist attraction in Taiwan which is literally just a super narrow lane. With 100-meter length, the narrowest part is just 70 centimetre wide for one person to pass; so it has a hilarious name “Molu Lane” (“Breast-touching lane” in Mandarin.)

Another story is that, the wind during the winter is freezing in Lukang because it’s near to the sea. To withstand the cold wind, locals built the houses close to each other. On top of that, Lukang is an early developed town which means people needed to have a good use of their high-price land.

Food Must-Try in Lukang

Lukang Old Street is known for its wide and nostalgic food such as Thick Soup with Vermicelli, Meat Ball, Fried Mud Shrimp, Oyster Omelet, Fried Oyster, Shrimp Ball, Phoenix Eye Cake, Green Bean Cake, Ox Tongue Biscuits, and steamed meat buns. We have chosen some favorites of the locals for you! Let’s enjoy our Taiwan food tour in central Taiwan!

  • Roasted Wheat Flour

The traditional Roasted Wheat Flour, has the best taste while you are eating it in an old-fashioned house. Roasted Wheat Flour is original came from China, it is made by sugared white gourd, walnuts, sesame seeds, black sesame, cake flour, sugar powder and eventually, some boiled water!

Roasted Wheat Flour added hot water.
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Roasted Wheat Flour vendor on the Lukang Old Street.
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  • Phoenix Eye Cake

One of the most famous souvenir is Phoenix Eye Cake made by Yu Jen Jai. Yu Jen Jai was founded in 1877 by selling “Phoenix Eye Cakes”, and specializes in Chinese pastries. The current owner is the fourth generation descendant of the founder. Except that, “egg yolk pastry” is notable as well.

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  • Thick Soup with Vermicelli

There are several Thicken Soup with Vermicelli to choose in Lukang Old Street, some added oyster, pork intestine or meat dumpling. This shop has just sold one item – Thicken Soup with Vermicelli for century but standing still.

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  • Meat Ball (Ba-wan)

Last but not least, Meat ball is one of the most common meal for residents in Chunghua. Chunghua is the home to Meat Ball, you can find some ones here in Lukang Old Street as well. (There are different kinds of Meat Ball owning to their origin and region, we will introduce in the next article! )

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