We are tourists from Thailand. Because our relatives have worked in Taiwan, they are very recommended to travel to Taiwan, we decided to plan a Taiwan tour. We have a total of 6 people, so I decided to book a charter service and a tour guide through the travel agency.
So that we can enjoy a Taipei private tour, we prefer this travel mode.

On the first day of travel, the tour guide arranged a Jiufen tour. Before arriving at Jiufen, the tour guide reminded us to bring an umbrella and Non-slip shoes. The weather in Jiufen often rained. Everyone thanked the tour guide for the intimate reminder.



You can also join Jiufen & Yehliu Day Tour. Yehliu is also a famous tourist attraction. The bizarre formation draws tens of thousands of people into the geopark.


The tour guide introduced the history of Jiufen Taiwan to us. In 1893, the gold in the Jiufen area was discovered. Due to excessive mining of gold, Jiufen’s gold mine is quickly exhausted. Therefore, after the gradual decline of gold mining, the glorious period of Jiufen also become history. Today, due to the rise of the tourism industry, Jiufen has returned to its former prosperity.

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The tour guide led us to visit Jiufen’s literature and history studio, which was founded in 1992 by Mr. Luo Jikun. He wasn’t from Jiufen, but he is deeply fascinated by Jiufen. The studio focuses on Jiufen cultures of photography, video records for texts, display of life cultural relics, gold mining tools, and collections of historical materials.

Next, we went to Jiufen old street for dinner. The food stalls are very diverse, just like the night market in Thailand, so this is familiar to us.

What to eat in Jiufen?

In the end, we chartered from Jiufen Hotel to Taipei. The distance from Jiufen to Taipei was very short, so we quickly arrived at the Taipei hotel and end this unforgettable Taipei day tour.


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