Penghu Leisurely Half-day tour
Famous for its beach and fresh seafood, Penghu is definitely an island worth visiting in summer.
Location: Penghu Duration: 1 day(s)
From USD $30 per person
Tour Overview
Famous for its beach and fresh seafood, Penghu is definitely an island worth visiting in summer. In this journey, we will see the historical architecture of residence in Erkan Historical Village. You can also try the almond tea and douhua (tofu pudding) there. After that, we will stop at Daguoye Columnar Basalt to enjoy this unique geological wonder. Penghu Great Bridge is a bridge crossing the sea between Baisha Main Island and Xiyu Island. Near the bridge, there is a more than 200-year-old great banyan tree in front of Bao An temple. Its aerial roots and subsidiary trunks intertwined together cover over 660 square meters. Fenggui Temple is highly recommended by the locals for its efficaciousness. After the temple visiting, we will enjoy the Shanshui beach with its horizon sea view and feel the wave and water on this beach with crystal clear water. By the sea, you can listen to the sound that the wind and sea water crash into the Fenggui Cave. Then, we will go to Shetou Hill and Historical Beach to enjoy the sunset at the sea. We hope this journey can bring you the amazing beach island experience.
What to Expect
  • Famous for its historical architecture, the residences have the exquisite wood-carved windows, painted tiles, and coral stonewalls that mixed the Min culture and Penghu’s unique mariculture. Built in 1912, this is the village that the Chen family gathers. The almond tea and douhua (tofu pudding) are highly recommended here. Many exhibitions like calligraphy and Chinese painting are held in this cultural attraction.
  • Daguoye Columnar Basalt was planned to build a wharf to connect Magon and Xiyu when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. When the workers dug, they found these unique landforms. These hexagonal basalt towers are made because the lava cooled by the ocean and formed the hexagonal joint. The Reflecting pool of this special columnar basalt explains why many photographers come here.
  • The name Fenggui means wind cabinet in Chinese. At Fenggui Cave, you can listen to the sound of wind blowing the hole. There is also a famous mandarin song of A-mei named listen to the sound of the sea. You could listen to the sound of the sea crying here. This place Fenggui is also known for a movie The Boys from Fengkuei by Hou Hsiao Hsian. This place is known for its three scenes—wave crashing sound, spouting horns, and the sound wave proceeding and retreating through the cave.
  • Shetou is Taiwan’s first European-style fortress build in 1688 by the Dutch for protecting their maritime trade interests. There is also an inscription to memorize a Japanese shipwreck in 1908. This is a historical area recording the history of warfare. It is also the best spot to watch the sunset in Penghu.
ItineraryExpand All
  • 12:00 Start from Penghu
  • Lunch in Magong
  • Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Complex
  • Erkan Historical Village
  • Daguoye Columnar Basalt
  • Penghu Great Bridge and Tongliang Great Banyan Tree
  • Fenggui Temple and Shanshui Beach
  • Fenggui Cave
  • Shetou Hill and Historical Area
  • 17:30 Drop off at your accommodation
  • Accommodation N/A
  • Food lunch
  • Admissions N/A
  • Transportation Share Tour
  • Others Fuel / Parking / Guide / Passenger insurance / Tax
  • Availability Departs daily
  • Pick up point Pick-up and Drop-off at Penghu Airport, Pier, Magong major hotels in downtown. The pick-up time is around 12:00. Please check the notification of the actual pick up time after your booking.
  • Group size 2-10 people (1-2 adults need to afford the price of 2 adults; USD 30 p/p for each adult and child)
  • Book 3 days in advance
  • What to bring Comfortable walking shoes and light jackets.
  • Cancellation Policy A minimum of 2 passengers is required for this tour to operate. There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough passengers to meet requirements. In the event of this occurring, you will be offered an alternative or full refund. Cancellation made less than 24 hours before departure is non-refundable. Cancellation made between 72~24 hours before departure will charge 50% of full payment. Cancellation made more than 72 hours before departure will offer a full refund.
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  • Penghu
    Penghu Leisurely Half-day tour
    Famous for its beach and fresh seafood, Penghu is definitely an island worth visiting in summer.
    From USD $30 per person