Taipei City
Sip & Savor: Maokong Tea & Shenkeng Stinky Tofu Private Day Tour
Indulge in Taiwan's finest teas amidst breathtaking Maokong vistas, then venture to Shenkeng to savor the infamous 'stinky tofu,' experiencing a full day of unique flavors and cultural delights!
Location: Taipei City Duration: 8 hour(s)
From USD $104 per person
Tour Overview
Embark on a tantalizing journey through Taiwan's culinary and cultural treasures with our Maokong and Shenkeng Stinky Tofu Private Day Tour. Your adventure begins as our knowledgeable guide picks you up, whisking you away to the verdant hills of Maokong. Here, amidst rolling tea plantations, you'll immerse yourself in the art of tea-making, savoring the delicate flavors of Taiwan's renowned teas while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

After your tea experience, prepare for an exhilarating ride on the Maokong Gondola as you descend from the mountains, offering sweeping vistas of Taipei's skyline and lush greenery below. Then, venture to Shenkeng, where the tantalizing aroma of Taiwanese stinky tofu beckons. Stroll through the vibrant streets of Shenkeng Old Street, lined with traditional houses and bustling stalls, as you sample this infamous delicacy firsthand.

As you explore, let the flavors and aromas of Taiwan's street food scene tantalize your senses, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Taiwanese culinary heritage. From the fragrant teas of Maokong to the pungent delights of Shenkeng's stinky tofu, this tour promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure that will leave you craving more of Taiwan's unique flavors and cultural charms.

Join us and experience the best of Taiwan's culinary delights on this immersive Maokong and Shenkeng exploration!
What to Expect
  • Maokong Gondola: Prepare for a ride that's more than just a journey—it's a tea-rrific adventure! Hop aboard the Maokong Gondola and soar above the bustling streets of Taipei, trading city chaos for serene mountain vistas. As you glide through the clouds, our expert guides will regale you with tales of tea, from its ancient origins to modern-day rituals. And when you reach Maokong, prepare to immerse yourself in a world of tea plantations, tasting sessions, and breathtaking views. Whether you're a tea aficionado or just along for the ride, this gondola tour promises an unforgettable experience that'll have you steeped in delight.
  • Maokong Mountain: Lies in the south part of Taipei, Maokong is famous for the tea and mountain view.
  • Tea Promotion Center: In the center, you can learn some knowledge of traditional Chinese tea culture and taste hot tea here.
  • Zhinan Temple were founded in 1980. Sacrificing Lu Dongbin, a Tang Dynasty poet. Name as "指南 (Zhinan)", means point toward south, the temple acts same to its name.
  • Welcome to Shenkeng Old Street, where the past is alive, the streets are bustling, and the tofu... well, let's just say it has quite the reputation! Prepare your taste buds for a rollercoaster ride as we navigate through the tantalizing array of snacks, from crispy treats to sizzling delights. And speaking of delights (or frights, depending on your nose), we can't forget to mention the infamous stinky tofu! Love it or loathe it, it's a must-try for the brave-hearted gastronomes among us. So come hungry, come curious, and come prepared for an adventure that's as fragrant as it is flavorful!
ItineraryExpand All
  • 10AM Pickup from your accommodation in Taipei
  • Maokong Gondola
  • Maokong Mountain
  • Taipei Tea Promotion Center for Tieguanyin and Baozhong
  • Zhinan Temple
  • Shenkeng Old Street
  • 6PM Drop-off at your accommodation in Taipei
  • Accommodation Not included
  • Food Not included
  • Admissions Maokong Gondola one way ticket
  • Transportation According to the group size, we will choose proper transportation. Additional fee will be charged on-site for exceeding the car-rental time limit.
  • Others Included transportation by air-conditioned private vehicle / Fuel / Parking / Toll fee / Chinese & English-speaking driver guide / Travel insurance provided
  • Availability Maokong Gondola closes every Monday. This tour is available from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Pick up point Hotel pickup & drop-off in Taipei City
  • Group size 1 to 8 people (Adult ages 9-99, Child ages 3-8, & Infant ages 0-2)
  • Book at least 2 days in advance
  • What to bring Cash, comfortable walking shoes, & a light jacket.
  • Cancellation Policy Cancellation made less than 24 hours before departure is non-refundable. Cancellation made between 72~24 hours before departure will charge 50% of full payment. Cancellation made more than 72 hours before departure will offer a full refund. Please note that tour itineraries may vary due to weather conditions and traffic, ensuring your safety and enjoyment.
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