A Taste feast of Taipei day tour

Taiwan tour was unexpected. We originally planned to visit Vietnam and Japan. But after booked our flight tickets we noticed that we will have to stay in Taiwan for 30 hours to transfer! We didn’t want to waste the time in Taiwan so we booked a Taipei day tour.

Our Taiwan family trip started in a historic district-Dadaocheng. There are many beautiful old street houses in Dadaocheng. Some of them are Baroque architecture! Just like Italy! The shops in Dadaocheng are also surprised us too. Traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese pastry, Tea house, and dehydrated goods. All of them are smelled good!

Longshan Temple is located at another historic district-Manka. Before Dadaocheng raises up, Manka used to be the biggest commercial center of Taipei. And the center of Manka is a famous temple-Longshan Temple. This temple was built in 1738 A.D. during the reign of the Qing Dynasty. After hundreds of years, though Manka is no longer a business center of Taipei Longshan temple has always been the center of faith of Taipei. We saw the smoke of incense fluttering around the temple, the smell of incense let us feel peace and solemn.

“It time to have some delicious cuisine,” our driver-guide said that. We chose the most famous restaurant in Taipei-Din Tai Fung for dinner. “Wow, it smells very tempting.” My father said. He is a chef in a restaurant with an excellent sense of smell. As predicted, the Xiaolongbao is juicy and tasty! Beef noodle is very savory! My father was very enjoyed the meal. After this Taiwan tour, we have a consensus that the time we stay in Taiwan was too short! Next time we will visit Taiwan at least for a week! Taiwan, see you soon! Waiting for us!

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Jiufen must-try delicacies

I took a Taipei day tour to Jiufen with my family. Jiufen old street was nothing like we have ever seen back in the Philipines. My parents really liked the street view and architecture, but what my sisters and I enjoyed the most was the food there.

We were attracted by the smell of fishball soup right when we stepped foot in the old street and our tour guide said we had to give it a try. There were five different flavors of fishballs in a serve of soup, and every one of them was tasty in their own way, but they were all chewy and so well-cooked! The celery evened out the taste of the fish and gave it a more fresh taste.

We wandered through the streets and found ourselves stopping by several Taiwanese food stands. Our guide helped us ordered some stinky tofu and dared us to try it, but it really smelled just like its name, sour and stinky. However, my sister took a bite somehow and made this really interesting face. I then took a bite and was surprised by the taste! It tasted way better than it smelled, I could taste the flavor of soybeans as I chewed on the tofu and the sauce was mixing so well with the tofu without being too salty.

We also tried some Taiwanese meatballs, which were chewy on the outside and full of flavored meat and bamboo shoots on the inside. Another chewy salty snack we tried was the mugwort sticky rice bun, in which I could really taste the grassy flavor of the bun and the salty dried turnip filling.

For dessert, our tour guide said he saved the best for the last, he said this dish has always been praised by his Taiwan tour customers. We had taro balls with red beans and mung beans. And again they were chewy, but as I chewed on it got tenderer and the scent of taro and sweet potato rose. Even my parents couldn’t stop eating the taro balls!

Last but not least, we went to a tea house with a great atmosphere of the mixture of Taiwanese and Japanese style. There, our guide taught us how to serve tea properly and we tried several different famous Taiwanese tea. We really enjoyed our Taipei private day tour, and of course the amazing food in Jiufen. Especially some decent tea to end the day.

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Yehliu to Guizhou – Seafood Delicacy

I went on a one day tour to the north coast of Taiwan with my family. Our tour guide Jerry was right off the bat-friendly when he greeted us at our hotel. And our chartered van was very comfortable for my family of four.

It took us around an hour to arrive at Yehliu, the famous nature park and tourist site of northern Taiwan. Jerry explained to us how the magnificent rocks were formed through thousands of years as we wandered through the park. The seawater was so clear and the rocks were all so unique in their own way. And when I saw the Queen’s Head, I was so excited. It was way better than the postcards!

After our visit to the park, Jerry took us to a nearby harbor, Guihou. He said that only the locals and smarter tourists would visit this place. He led us around and picked a restaurant with fresh living fish, crabs, clams, and so many sea creatures! He taught us how to choose the best ingredients to make into the best seafood dish. We were so excited because we lived in Munich back in Germany, where we rarely ate seafood, let alone fresh living one!

We ordered steamed crabs, boiled squid with sweet and sour sauce, fried shrimps, fish miso soup, stir-fried noodles, and stir-fried clams. Jerry taught us how to eat crabs properly. We had to first open up its belly, cut its claws and legs with a pair of pliers. And then we dug in. The meal was amazingly delicious and so price worthy! It only cost merely 500 for us each! I highly recommend those who love nature and seafood to visit Yehliu and Guihou harbor.

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Tasty snacks in Jiufen

Jasmine, who born in Thailand and I am falling in love for two years. To celebrate our two-year anniversary, we decided to participate in a Taipei private tour to Jiufen on this holiday vacation. After arriving in Jiufen, we were starving so we quickly found a vender, Zhang Ji Traditional Fishballs to full our hunger. The vendor has so many options from sweet to savory. Since we both like to eat savory snacks before sweets, we decided to try savory ones, Taro and Pickled Radish. The green one with chewy sticky mochi-like texture and savory pickled radish filling are yummy. Jasmine and I love it so much. She keeps talking about it even after coming back to Thailand for a few months. Then, we saw the famous vendor, Jin Zhi Red Yeast Rice Meat Ball, though the shop was packed with customers, we decided to give it a try too. We ordered a few snacks but their Fuzhou Fish Balls stand out the most. Imagine bouncy fish ball filled with savory juicy minced pork in comforting broth. That match so perfect! We truly enjoy the Taipei day tour to Jiufen and can’t wait to participate in another tour to Jiufen next year.

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Food in Jiufen

I came to Taiwan from Australia this summer to visit my uncle who works in Taiwan. He took me and my sister to take a bus to go to Jiufen. He knows about the finest food in Jiufen better than any other of Taiwanese, owing to his job, Taiwan private tour’s guide. Jiufen old street has so many food options, we came with empty bellies. So many unique tasty foods worth a try. Here are some of the food we tried. First of all, Amei tea house, the building inspired by Spirited Away animation happens to be a tea house. Once you arrive at Jiufen, you should immediately head to this tea house before it gets crowded. Lucky us I was seated in the balcony area with amazing sea and mountain views. I ordered the Hot Tea set which costs NTD 300/ person including Oolong Tea, Plum, Mochi, Green Bean Cakes, and Sesame Crackers. The staff will demonstrate to you how to brew tea after that we brewed it ourselves. Price-wise, it’s quite expensive but you can brew the tea for so many times plus the snacks and scenery are pleasantly good. We had good times enjoying both the tea and scenery. Truly, it is a very charming mountain town. We spent a very beautiful evening leisurely here, drinking Chinese afternoon tea and, watching the sunset, mountains and sea.


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Keelung night market – Food Paradise

The Keelung night market is one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan, which is also right by the port of Keelung. That is exactly why my family and I decided to put it on top of our to-go list when we arrived by a cruise. Due to the short amount of time pulling in, my family and I decided to go on a 4-hour night market food tour. But before it was dawn, when the night market started, we had a nice walk by the port. We enjoyed the view of many spectacular ships and cruises. The cruise ship is a lot bigger when we stand at the port. 

After a while, our tour guide took us to the temple of Keelung, which is also the main attraction. It is amazing to see this astonishing 146-year-old temple so prosper and full of people. Our tour guide said there is a typical way to interpret what the gods are telling the people by drawing. How interesting! But what we were most excited about was the food of the night market.

After the sun went down the lights of the streets lit up and gave the streets a completely different vibe. I started smelling some great smell of food. And our guide began to take us on a journey of Taiwanese cuisine. We definitely had seafood, I tried some fried squid, grilled oysters, stir-fried shrimps. Some were covered with all kinds of spices and some are covered with only a coat of bat. They were all so fresh and tasty! There was also famous fish meatball soup to try and sausages. One of my favorites is a soup with rice-made slices, it was kind of like noodles, but much wider and thicker. Last but not least, for dessert we had taro balls, which were again, delicious! 

The one day tour in Keelung was absolutely amazing! Especially the delicacy in the night market. I would for sure recommend everyone to come to see for yourself!

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Must-Eat Foods and Drinks in Taiwan

Standing in the night market, you are dazzled by the vendor food everywhere and don’t know which to try. Famous for its cuisine, Taiwan has different kinds of food you need to try.

Taiwan’s most famous street food is often in the night markets. When you go to the night market, Oyster omelet, Stinky tofu, Misua (salted noodles) are often seen. When you explore the streets and alleys of Taiwan, Minced pork rice, Steamed dumpling, Luwei (food selected with broth) are also everywhere. Scallion pancake is the best friend of students when they are hungry after school.

fried dumplings on the iron plate

To explore Taiwanese cuisine, cheerful Rechao restaurant is where the delicious secrets hide. Local Taiwanese will eat in Rechao restaurant (Taiwanese beer house) when Taiwanese are off work. Rechao gathers the traditional Taiwanese taste into the cuisines. People cheers and make business deals in Rechao restaurant, thus beers are the inevitable element of Rechao. In the messy, loud, and cheap Rechao restaurant, people may also bare their souls to their friends. Three cups chicken, Stir-fried rice and Taiwanese pineapple shrimp balls are always hot on the menu. Being an island surrounded by the ocean, there are many seafood dishes like Steamed crab and roe on glutinous rice, Salt-grilled shrimp, and Stir fried clams with basils.

Breakfast matters in a day. In Central Taiwan and South Taiwan, people often open their day with sumptuous meals. Taichung has fried noodles and Pig’s blood soup. Radish cake, Egg pancake, and Taiwanese chicken rice are the top breakfasts in Chiayi. Beef soup, Milkfish congee, and Zongzi (rice dumpling) can be eaten in Tainan. Another breakfast also can be eaten in Taiwan, like soymilk, Youtiao (Chinese churros), sandwich, eppanyaki noodles, and meat toast with eggs.

In addition to the food above, Taiwan also has much vegetarian food. You can find Vegetarian Restaurant offers buffet, hot pot, and caferteria in Taiwan. Don’t miss our vegetarian Pan-fried pork buns, dimsum, Misua, Oyster omelette, Luwei, and Conveyor belt sushi. There are also delicious vegetarian fried noodles, rice vermicelli soup, and fried mushroom worth trying.

chinese dessert, tofu pudding with tapioca ball

For the sweet addicts, Taiwan is also a paradise of sweets. Not to mention the famous Boba tea, there are Douhua (Tofu pudding), Peanut ice cream crepe, and Tanghulu (Candied fruit). Also, don’t forget to bring Pineapple cake, Nougats, Mochi, Suncake and Mango jelly for your friends and family as souvenirs.

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16 Days Trip Around Taiwan III: Seafood Market at Guei Hou

Mr. Chou heard that everybody was obsessed with seafood, so he asked the driver to take us to Guei Hou Fish Harbor (龜吼漁港) at Wanli(萬里) to try seafood here. Guei Hou, an intriguing name!

Here used to be a place for fishermen to unload and sale the fish. Gradually, it became a small market at this fish harbor. “Fisher Market” (漁夫市集) was a reorganized area in 2015. It was a clean and well-lighted place, which were about 40 stands. In this market, we could find fish and all kinds of seafood. You could pick any seafood by yourselves and find a restaurant to cook the seafood for you. Or you could simply walk in and enjoy the cuisines that the restaurant provided in the menu. The central area was the dining area. We picked tasted various seafood there.

Andy Fang, our group leader, was an epicure and could speak Taiwanese, so we followed him closely. He was in charge of ordering, buying seafood we were interested in, and paying the costs. There were lots of visitors in the market. It took us some time to find a table. Luckily, we found a place that’s well ventilated, and the price was fair. Soon enough, our cuisines were served.

(Two fresh steamed fish-which tickled my taste buds.)

(Japanese fresh sashimi-the texture was tender and savory.)

(A plate of shrimps. The shrimps were bright red, sweet, and tasty.)

(Stir fried clams with basil were creamy and appetizing.)

(Stir fried fresh squids were chewy)

There was a special and especially delicious vegetable called white water snowflake(水蓮). The water spinach was also fresh and tender. When we finished one plate of water spinach, we asked to order another plate. Finally, we spent NT$ 2,500 for 7 people. To convert currencies, US$1 equals to NT$ 30.49. US$100 equals to NT$ 3,000, which had excellent quality and reasonable price.

(View from the distance of Guei Hou Fish Harbor)

After finishing tasting the seafood cuisines, we headed to Yehliu Geopark, which was one of the most famous attractions for the visitors. It took us only 10 minutes from the fish market to there. Taking a stroll was just perfect for digestion. Extraordinary sights like Queen’s Head, Lady’s Slipper, Leopard, and Sea Candles aroused our curiosity.

taiwan yehliu geopark strange rock

Author: 若敏 / Translator: Justaiwantour

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Dragon Boat Festival

Food always comes first for Taiwanese people. The must-eat food during the festival is sticky rice buns or some people might call them sticky rice dumplings.


People put sticky rice, pork belly, salted egg yolk, boiled peanuts and all kinds of other delicious ingredients inside bamboo leaves, and wrap up with a string.

You can be creative with different sauces when you eat them!


If you happen to have some friends visiting Taiwan during the festival, you will have to take them to the dragon boat race, since it’s what this annual celebration is mostly known for.

The dragon boat is simply a big boat designed to look like a dragon. The first boat that gets the flag wins the race. Competitors from all over the world come here just for the race and take part in the celebration.


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Top 10 Traditional Breakfasts in Taiwan

Top 10 Traditional Breakfasts in Taiwan

“There are lots of breakfasts here, in our favorite breakfast store.”(From a famous Taiwanese song called “Morning, Beautiful Day” 早安晨之美)

In Taiwan, there are so many choices of Taiwanese breakfasts. In the early morning, around 6 am, you will see breakfast stores have already been open for a while. The store owners might be busy preparing the mouth-watering breakfasts for the customers. Following are top 10 delicious breakfasts in Taiwan. Let’s check it out.

  1. Egg Pancakes 蛋餅
  2. Soy Milk/ Rice & Peanut Milk 豆漿/米漿
  3. Congee 粥
  4. Steamed Dumplings 小籠包
  5. Potstickers 鍋貼
  6. Radish Cake蘿蔔糕
  7. Clay oven rolls with an Fried Bread Stick inside 燒餅夾油條
  8. Rice and Vegetable Roll 飯糰
  9. Spring Onion Pancake 蔥油餅
  10. Steamed Bun 饅頭


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