Little Green Men and National memory in Taipei

We were from Spain, we took a Taiwan family trip at children’s summer vacation. We chose the Taipei private tour to travel around downtown Taipei.

We visited the Dadaocheng and Manka-the historic district of Taipei city. We tried many special and tasty drink like herb juice and almond tea. Both these two drinks are good to drink in the summer-make you feel cool in the humid weather.

“What a high building over there?” My boy pointed Taipei 101 and asked our driver guide. “That is the Taipei 101, used to be the highest building in the world, and it was the world’s first building over 500 meters high” our guide answered. “In order to build this great skyscraper, our government even modified the aircraft channel!” What a big plan! No wonder Taipei 101 is the pride of Taiwan.

“Look! The traffic light’s little green man is running! Running little green man was invented by Taiwan, we even built a monument to commemorate little green man.” That’s so interesting. Taiwan really created many cute and useful things!

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was erected in memory Chiang Kai-shek, former President of the Republic of China. This great building combines many different forms of architecture. Now it’s a famous attraction of Taipei. During the time we waiting for the show of guard handover, our guide told us that Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall has validated the process of Taiwan’s democratization.

Freedom Square, the huge square in front of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall played an important role during the democratization. People gathered in this square to fight for civil rights and promoted Taiwan to a democratic country. Shaped today’s Taiwan. We knew that was a hard road, but Taiwan did a good job!

Taipei day tour let us learn more about Taipei and Taiwan, thanked for our driver guide Jason, you are so wise and Knowledgeable. You told us a lot of stories about Taiwan, a beautiful and Kindness country.

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The Best way of having fun in Pingxi

We are a big family lives in France, including my grandpa and grandma and all of us love to travel around all the world. Taiwan is our favorite country, especially the lively town of Pingxi. Thus, we planned to participate in a Taipei private tour to Pingxi old street, where run along both sides of the railway track, cutting in between two rows of shops. Both sides of the railway are lined with sky lanterns or souvenirs shops, grocery stores and eateries. Almost all the shops sell either sky lanterns or lantern related souvenirs such as key chains and decorations. We purchased miniature sky lanterns, postcards and other interesting souvenirs to bring home for friends.

Pingxi Old Street is usually overrun by day-trippers from Taipei who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. We walked freely on the railway track, releasing brightly colored lanterns into the sky. The street was especially crowded on the weekend and public holidays. Both locals and tourists flock to this small town to release paper lanterns with their prayers. The entire street tends to get more crowded in the evening. Thus, we thought of visiting early on a weekday is the best way to avoid the crowd. When it comes to Pingxi Lantern Festival, its tradition was brought to Taiwan and celebrated during the beginning of the planting season where people would release sky lanterns into the air with their prayers for the coming year. It eventually evolved into a local tradition in Pingxi area in New Taipei City where lanterns are released into the air, carrying their wishes into the heavens where they will be heard. Thus, we wrote some wishes on the lanterns and released them to the air, hoping our wish will come true. Personally, releasing lanterns that full of wishes with the people you love was meaningful and the best way of having fun in Pingxi.

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Romantic Jiufen Tour

My boyfriend and I spent five days traveling to the central and northern parts of Taiwan to travel. The fourth day of the Taiwan tour will travel in the northern part of Taiwan, because of the next morning, we need to go to Taoyuan airport to take a flight back to Indonesia.

We arrived in Jiufen Taiwan through the chartered service and as the Taipei day tour’s travel itinerary. We visited the local mini temple—Jinshan rock, which is located on Jishan street in Jiufen old street. Although it is not a popular tourist attraction, there are still many couples visiting here.
It’s said that the couple’s love tokens smoked with the temple’s incense, the couple’s love will last for a long time. Jinshan rock has a high location,this place can overlook the night view of Jiufen. Next, we visited the Jiufen gold mine museum, which was founded by Mr. Zeng Shui-chih. He used to be an experienced miner. He recorded the Jiufen changes in the times, mining techniques and memories of ancient times in museums.Mr. Zeng Shui-chih finally died in 2012 due to the occupational disease of the miners—Lung cancer.

I think the representative colors of Jiufen are golden and red because Jiufen has splendid gold and the street dyed red by lantern. Finally, we visited the oldest cinema in Taiwan, the Shengping theatre. Many Taiwanese movies find a view in this theatre,  such as Sad City, Blue Mountain Coffee, Japanese Anime Movies—Spirited away.

We will be staying at Jiufen tonight, I highly recommend at least staying one night in Jiufen, the Jiufen in the night is very beautiful and staying in such a romantic place can promote the feelings of couples. We really enjoyed the last day of the Taipei private tour.

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Special event in Pingxi

I lived in Canada and was been taken good care of my grandpa and grandma since I was in kinder garden. However, I moved to Taiwan owing to father’s job when I studied in senior high school. I miss them so much, since I invited them to join a Taipei private tour to Pingxi in order to participate a special activity that held every year. Although there are numerous activities across Taiwan during this event. However, Pingxi Lantern Festival is the most famous one, which cause thousands of paper lanterns light the skies of Pingxi District. The event is usually celebrated the night of the first full moon of the lunar year. This breathtaking tradition if among the top tourist attractions in Taiwan. During this day villagers release sky lanterns to the heavens. Initially, the festival was used by villagers to signal to those hiding in the mountains that it was safe and sound to return home.

In brief, Pingxi Lantern Festival is the biggest lantern festival in Taiwan, and it is easy to see why. The festival made the Fodor’s list of Festivals To Attend Before You Die and also it is one of 52 Things To Do by CNN. Thus, we truly had a good time with my dear grandpa and grandma in Pingxi, especially joining the Pingxi Lantern Festival.

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Traveling to Pingxi

During this summer vacation, my girlfriend Anita who comes from Canada and I was heading to Pingxi, which is located in Pingxi District of New Taipei City, there is a small town famous for its sky lanterns. Once a thriving coal-mining district during the Japanese Occupation, the Shifen Old Street is now one of the most popular tourist attraction in New Taipei City. Upon arrival, you will immediately notice the railway track that was built alongside the street. Completed in 1921, the 12.9 km long single-track Pingxi Line was originally built for transporting coal and runs through Ruifang and Pingxi District in New Taipei City. Releasing the sky lantern is on the list of must-do items when you visit the Pingxi Old Street. Pingxi is the only place in Taiwan where sky lanterns are allowed to be released due to its sparse population and high altitude.

To promote tourism in New Taipei City, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival was held annually. The annual Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival has always been the main highlight of Lunar New Year’s activities in New Taipei City. Hundred thousands of people flock to the area for the Festival every year. In the past, the festival is always held on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year to celebrate the first full moon. However, two more sky lantern release events have since been added due to its increased popularity. During the festival, thousands of sky lanterns with prayers will be released into the air. It is an enchanting sight to see the night sky illuminated with countless floating lanterns. Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival is elected as the world’s second-largest festival at night by Discovery Channel. CNN Travel has named the festival as one of the 52 things to do in 2013 and local guides named it one of the 14 festivals a person must see in their lifetime. After being Attending the Taipei private tour to Pingxi, I can truly tell the mentioned above is absolutely true and also love the lively atmosphere at Pingxi old street. We also had a really nice memory in Pingxi with Anita.

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First experience of Taiwanese tea through Jiufen tour

My German girlfriend and I loved each other for five years, so I want to take my girlfriend to go abroad to commemorate our fifth anniversary, but at the same time we don’t like to travel with the tour group, so I decided to arrange a Taipei private tour through the travel agency in Taiwan.

Our impression of Taiwan comes from a Japanese anime film “Spirited Away”, which is directed by Miyazaki as a director and script. Many of the scenes of this film are from Jiufen Taiwan. Although we have never seen Jiufen with our own eyes, we are already obsessed with the beauty of the Jiufen through the movie! Both of us are looking forward to this
Taiwan tour.

The tour guide knows that we are the movie fans of the Spirited Away, He decided to take us to visit the Chisaki road in Jiufen Old Street. The tour guide said that this is the most famous street in Jiufen. It has attracted countless tourists, creators, and photographers to framing.
The steep terrain creates a long stone step and climbs up to the highest point along with the stone steps, we have a panoramic view of the mountainous scenery. The scenery of Jiufen is exactly the same as the scene inside the movie!

Everywhere is an exotic style building. Many tea houses are built on both sides of the ladder,we decided to rest in the Jiufen tea house. We ordered the tea recommended by the tour guide, are respectively oolong tea and Pu’er tea. Both of them taste very mellow, but at the same time, they have a bitter taste. Germans rarely drink Chinese tea, so my girlfriend is not used to the tea bitterness.

Although not every Jiufen’s food we like, it still interesting and valuable to experience Taiwanese local cuisine. We are very grateful to the tour guide arranged by the travel agency. The tour guide is very enthusiastic and professional, helping us to have an In-depth Taipei day tour.

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Wonderful scenery in Pingxi

My friend Daniel is my best friend who lives in Australia. We met each other during an English camp. Both of us are a big friend to travel. During this summer vacation. I invite Daniel to come to Taiwan and joined a Taipei private tour to Pingxi because of the beauty of Pingxi Lantern Festival, which is a three-day event and each day includes three sessions (eight lantern releases each) held at three different venues. Apart from these sessions, visitors like us can also release their own lanterns at designated locations and times. The opening session is always held at Jingtong Elementary School and the second at Pingxi Junior High School. The final—and generally most crowded—event is held at Shifen Sky Lantern Square. Thousands of free sky lanterns are provided by the sponsoring organizations during each session for visitors who wish to participate in the lantern release. The first two venues generally feature lanterns with fun and creative designs. The highlight of the festival is the release of the huge main lantern on the day of the Sky Lantern Festival at Shifen Sky Lantern Square. By attending the activity held at Pingxi, we were all satisfied with the wonderful scenery in Pingxi.

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Hiking in Pingxi

We are a family come from Seatle, which is located in the north-west of the United State. We all are a fan of hiking. Thus, we went hiking all over the world as long as we went aboard. No exception for the mountains vibes of Pingxi, which is rapidly becoming our favorite place for hiking. Additionally, we planned to visit Pingxi by participating in a Taipei day tour. This is the third time that I’ve been coming and hiking in this area and each time has been great. The mountains that surround Pingxi just look awesome and are fantastic to climb. There are really craggy peaks and huge ridges that just drop for hundreds of meters. For this trip, we decided to revisit a couple of peaks we’d been to before, Xiaozishan and Cimushan, and then continue onto to two new ones Zhongyangshan and the oddly named, Stinky-head mountain. The trail starts off in the village itself. Follow the 106 eastwards and lookout for a sign on the right. There are actually 2 places marked and we started in the second one next to the road but it makes no difference. The other signpost leads up to a car park and so for anyone driving a car that one would be a better starting point. We climbed up Xiaozishan first. As you head up from the car park, the trail starts directly in front. For Xiaozishan, head up and then to the left. It is really well signposted. The rocks here have had stairs carved into them and it is really quite easy to climb, though a good head for heights is needed towards the top. From the peak looking westwards, you can see Cimushan and Cimufeng. After hiking, we went to the historic Pingxi old street to full our hunger. That ended our Taipei day tour and it was quite satisfied for us. I am looking forward to having such a healthy and energetic trip to Pingxi next time.

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Magical balloon from Pingxi, Taiwan

In February of this year, we have a wonderful Taiwan tour. We booked charter services and tour guide through a Taiwanese travel agency.

The tour guide helped us arrange a Taipei day tour. Because February is the lantern festival in Taiwan, so we went to Pingxi to celebrate the Pingxi lantern festival.

We are very surprised that Taiwan’s balloons are made of paper because Indonesia’s balloons are made of rubber. The tour guide says this balloon is call〝Pingxi lantern〞. Everyone can write on the lantern. The lantern can write their wishes or write to the deceased relatives and friends. The legend can be passed to heaven.

I wrote on the lantern that I hope the whole family is healthy and happy. After everyone wrote their wish, we ignited in the center of the lantern and the lantern flew into the sky magically, as if our wish were going to heaven.

Pingxi lantern festival is a very mysterious and interesting festival. I plan to visit Pingxi again at the Mid-Autumn Festival in September this year!

In order to experience the ancient railway traffic in Taiwan, the tour guide especially let us take the railway from Pingxi to Taipei. The scenery along the way is very beautiful and I saw many white birds standing in the green fields. The tour guide said that the name of the bird is Egretta garzetta, which is a conservation animal in Taiwan.

No wonder Taiwan is called Formosa because the landscape and culture of Taiwan are amazing. It was a wonderful memory for us in Pingxi.

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A Romantic trip to Pingxi

My girlfriend Ivy who lives in Los Angles were situated on the west side of United State decided to fly to Taiwan to find me in order to celebrate our three-year anniversary. We always imagined that one day we could release our own burning lantern into the night sky as a declaration of our love. After Disney released Tangled in 2010, viewers everywhere have swooned at the romantic scene where Rapunzel and Flynn sing to each other as floating lanterns glow like stars in the inky night air. To fulfil our dream and celebrate our anniversary, I took Ivy to participate a Taipei private tour to Pingxi, where also known as Shi Fen was literally awarded the most romantic place in Taiwan in 2014, made famous by the movie, which name as You Are the Apple of My Eye, which also featured a romantic scene involving the releasing of a sky lantern. Experiencing a sky lantern has always been our dream and we were given the opportunity to decorate and release our own sky lanterns, as well as stroll along the rustic railway, hand in hand, or explore the Pingxi Old Street, where a street built into a hill with a train track going overhead.

If you are looking for a memorable place and activity to declare your love to your significant other, or even pop the question, you can’t go wrong with Pingxi and its famous sky lanterns. We highly recommend Pingxi to release your own lantern with your valentine.

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