Preserving tradition amidst modern Taipei

Visiting Taipei’s Dihua Street (迪化街) and Wanhua (萬華) district can provide you with insights into the historical and cultural aspects of the city. Both areas have their own unique charm and attractions that draw visitors seeking to experience Taipei’s heritage, markets, and local life. Try our 8H Planless Taipei Tour or Taipei Must-visit Spots Private Day Tour. Also, we can do a customized tour for you.

Dihua Street: Preserving Taipei’s Heritage and Traditions

Dihua Street is one of Taipei’s oldest streets, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. It has played a significant role in the city’s history, serving as a hub for trade and commerce.

When you visit Dihua Street, you would see the well-preserved traditional buildings, many of which showcase architectural styles from different periods. Explore the intricate details, wooden facades, and decorative elements that offer a glimpse into Taipei’s past. (Read more:【Taiwan Culture】Top Five Cultural Experience in Taiwan)

Make sure you visit the traditional markets! Dihua Street is famous for its traditional markets, offering a wide range of goods such as Chinese herbs, dried fruits, tea, textiles, and other cultural products. Delve into the bustling market scene and the vibrant interactions between vendors and shoppers. In addition, Dihua Street comes alive during festivals like Lunar New Year, when it’s adorned with festive decorations and bustling crowds. You can experience the local customs and traditions during festivals and celebrations!

Things to do:

Tea Tasting: Many shops on Dihua Street offer a wide variety of teas. You can participate in tea tasting sessions, learning about different types of tea and their significance in Taiwanese culture.

Calligraphy Workshops: Some stores or cultural centers in the area offer calligraphy workshops where you can learn to write Chinese characters using traditional brushes and ink.

Chinese Medicine Consultations: Dihua Street is known for its herbal medicine shops. You can consult with Chinese medicine practitioners to learn about herbal remedies and their health benefits. Don’t worry if you couldn’t speck Chinese, Justaiwantour travel guide can help.

Craft Workshops: Some shops offer workshops on traditional crafts like lantern making, knot tying, and pottery, providing you with a hands-on experience of traditional craftsmanship. Also, see our 2023 Taiwan Classes / Workshops Tours & Activities.

Cultural Tours: Why not join one of our guided tours of Dihua Street! We can provide insights into the history, architecture, and cultural significance of the area. You can learn about the street’s role in trade and commerce. Check out 2023 Taiwan Tour Packages & Activities!

Wanhua: Taipei’s Oldest Neighborhood with Modern Twists

Wanhua is Taipei’s oldest district and has a history that dates back centuries. Many Wanhua’s historical buildings have been preserved, renovated, and restored to their former glory, for example, Longshan Temple (龍山寺) and Qingshan Temple. (Read more:【Taiwan Family Trip】Taiwan Itinerary for Elderly and Kids or 【Taipei Layover Tour】 3 Fantastic Taipei Layover Tours Tasting Taiwanese Street Food)

Today, you can see the emergence of art galleries, creative spaces, and street art installations that contribute to Wanhua’s artistic vibrancy. Its modern development is a reflection of Taipei’s evolution as a global city while remaining deeply rooted in its historical and cultural foundations.

Things to do:

Longshan Temple Rituals: Longshan Temple is a significant religious site in Wanhua. You can observe or participate in traditional temple rituals, such as lighting incense, making offerings, and praying for blessings. If you are interested in visiting temple, try the Taiwanese temples tour.

Fortune Telling: Wanhua has fortune tellers who practice ancient divination methods. You can have your fortunes told and gain insights into various aspects of your lives.

Local Cuisine Workshops: Join cooking workshops to learn how to prepare traditional Taiwanese dishes. You might learn how to make items like tangyuan 湯圓 (glutinous rice balls) or traditional snacks, such as pineapple cake DIY. See our pineapple cake DIY workshops here:

Street Performance and Festivals: Depending on the time of year, Wanhua may host traditional performances, parades, and cultural festivals. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere and participate in the celebrations.

Traditional Games: Engage in traditional Taiwanese games like shuttlecock kicking, Jianzi 毽子 (shuttlecock kicking with feet), or try your hand at the game of Mahjong (麻將), commonly played in local teahouses or home during festivals.

Visiting Old Shops: Wander through the historic streets of Wanhua and visit old shops that have been passed down through generations. You might discover shops selling traditional clothing like Cheongsam (旗袍), snacks, or handicrafts. Why not try our Private Customized Luxurious Chartered Tour? We can take you there!

In addition, Cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress that is often associated with elegance, and is characterized by its close-fitting silhouette, high collar, and intricate embroidery.

Participating in these traditional activities allows you to connect with the cultural heritage and local customs of Dihua Street (迪化街) and Wanhua (萬華). It’s a wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of the areas and interact with the community!

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