Beitou is famous for its hot springs, natural beauty, and cultural attractions.

You can experience the therapeutic benefits of the geothermal waters in various hot spring resorts, public bathhouses, and private spas. On top of that, Beitou’s hot springs and cultural attractions make it a great place to unwind, experience Taiwanese traditions, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you’re interested in soaking in hot springs, learning about local history, or simply exploring scenic spots, Beitou has something to offer for every traveler. Try our Keelung Shore Excursion Private Custom Taipei 8-Hour Tour English-Speaking Guide, or we can do a customized Beitou vacation package for you!

Beitou Hot Springs

The most famous attraction in Beitou is its hot springs, which are a result of geothermal activity in the area. Beitou’s hot springs have been developed into public and private baths, spa resorts, and hot spring hotels. Here are the top 3 best hot springs in Beitou:

Radium Kagaya Taipei (北投日勝生加賀屋)

Radium Kagaya Taipei is well-known for its high-quality hot spring facilities and excellent service. The hot spring water is sourced from the nearby Thermal Valley, known for its mineral-rich and soothing properties. Furthermore, the hotel incorporates Japanese-inspired decor and design throughout the property, even the hotel’s restaurant. You should have a kaiseki meal after a relaxing bath!

Water House (享溫泉)

It’s a boutique hot spring hotel that offers a unique hot spring experience and a tranquil setting amidst nature. You can choose public hot spring baths or private SPA house. Water House Beitou offers well-appointed guest rooms with modern amenities, feature private hot spring baths, allowing you to enjoy a more intimate hot spring experience.

Villa 32 (三二行館)

If you are looking for a luxury hot spring experience, then make reservation with Villa 32. It’s a luxury boutique hotel renowned for its opulent design, excellent service, and exclusive hot spring experience. Villa 32 offers 5 luxurious suites, ensuring that each guest enjoys a private and intimate stay. In addition to the hot spring baths, the hotel also offers spa and wellness services, providing you with further opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

However, there are other attractions in Beitou if you are not interested in hot spring.

Beitou Library

This eco-friendly library has won numerous architectural awards for its design. It incorporates sustainable elements, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and natural ventilation, reducing its environmental impact. Besides, the library blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature and is a peaceful place to read and relax. It reflects Taiwan’s commitment to sustainability and the integration of nature into urban spaces.

Beitou Library
Beitou Library

Thermal Valley (Hell Valley)

This geothermal valley is the source of many of Beitou’s hot springs, and the temperature of the water can reach as high as 80 to 100 degrees Celsius (176 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit). The hot spring water in the Thermal Valley contains sulfur, which gives rise to the iconic “hell-like” appearance. The high temperature and sulfuric steam create a misty and steamy ambiance, adding to the valley’s unique allure. On top of that, the steamy waters and the lush green surroundings create a picturesque and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery on the elevated viewing platforms around the Thermal Valley. (Read more: Chillax in the Beitou Hot Spring)

Thermal Valley
©Pexels – Thermal Valley

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Housed in a historic bathhouse building, also known as the “Beitou Public Bathhouse,” the museum showcases the history and development of the hot springs in the region. It was originally constructed during the Japanese colonial period in 1913. Additionally, the building’s architecture reflects the influence of Japanese design and engineering, typical of structures built during the Japanese rule of Taiwan (1895-1945).

Today, the Beitou Hot Spring Museum houses various exhibits and displays that provide a glimpse into the history of hot springs in Beitou, the bathing culture of the past, and the transformation of the area into a popular hot spring destination.

Beitou Plum Garden (北投梅庭)

A historic Japanese-style residence that once belonged to the famous Taiwanese writer, Lin Hsin-yi. The Plum Garden offers a glimpse into the life and works of the renowned author. Additionally, it was designated as a historical site by the Taipei City Government in 1997, recognizing its architectural and cultural significance.

You can explore the house, view exhibits, and listen to the live music such as moon lute (月琴). When you enter the Plum Garden, you can experience the moon lute, which is an essential instrument in Taiwan’s early opera and folk singing traditions.

Although not directly in Beitou, Yangmingshan National Park is nearby and offers stunning hiking trails, beautiful landscapes, and hot spring areas. (Read more: Yangmingshan to Tamsui – A Scenic Tour in Taiwan)

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