©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign
©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign

The Michelin Guide is a prestigious and influential restaurant guidebook published by the French tire company Michelin. It was first published in 1900 as a way to encourage road travel and promote Michelin tires. Over the years, the Michelin Guide has become synonymous with fine dining and is highly regarded in the culinary world.

The Michelin inspectors, who remain anonymous, visit restaurants anonymously and assess them based on various criteria such as the quality of ingredients, skill in preparation, consistency, and creativity. They focus primarily on the quality of the food, but factors like service, ambiance, and value for money also play a role in the evaluation process.

June 2023, Michelin has added several new restaurants to the Michelin Guide Taiwan selection this year. Exploring Taiwan through its Michelin-starred restaurants is an excellent way to discover the country’s culinary scene and indulge in its diverse flavors. Here are some new additions to the Michelin Guide Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung:

Inita | Taipei

Using local Taiwanese ingredients, Chef Kunihiro Hagimoto creates Italian cuisine with over 20 years experience in Japan and Italy. Each dish showcases rich flavors, vibrant ingredients, and fun personality.

©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign
©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign

Cha Cha Thé Cuisine | Taipei

Cha Cha Thé Cuisine is a contemporary French cuisine using local and Asian ingredients. Their signature dish: fresh lobster pasta offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures. The lobster meat is tender and sweet, providing a rich and luxurious taste. The fresh pasta is cooked al dente, offering a pleasant chewiness.

©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign
©Mo Chiang, IG: emileepeichen and mochiangdesign

Night School Braised Pork Rice | Taichung

This place specializes in braised pork rice, and the pork is so tender that melt in your mouth. A popular late night spot with the local; it opens from 5pm to 2 in the morning. Pork rice consists of tender, braised pork belly served over steamed white rice and best with a fried egg on top. The dish is characterized by its rich and flavorful sauce, which is made by simmering the pork belly with soy sauce, rice wine, garlic, ginger, and various spices. It’s a comforting and flavorful dish that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in Taiwan.

©Pexels – An example of braised pork rice

Hao Nung Chia Migao (好農家米糕) | Tainan

Michelin inspectors highly recommend the fresh clams, the milkfish (虱目魚), and the salted shredded squid. Established in 1946, it is an old and renowned establishment. Their signature rice cake is made using traditional methods, where glutinous rice is soaked, steamed, and then placed in a wicker basket to be kept warm by the stove. The shop also pays great attention to the accompanying minced pork sauce and fish floss. This place is cash only.

Taiwan is also known for its vibrant street food scene and night markets. Exploring local street food stalls and night markets is a must-do to fully experience Taiwan’s culinary diversity.

©Pexels – Taiwanese Night Market

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