The Covid19 pandemic had seized the world by the highly infectious transmission. Luckily in Taiwan, people can get away from the threat of the coronavirus. (Read more) Up to Nov 25th, it has been more than 200 consecutive days that there is no domestic transmission in Taiwan. The last domestic transmitted case was reported on Apr 12th. So far, there are 617 cases in total, with 7 people reported dead.

To prevent the domestic transmission from breaking out in winter, the commander of Central Epidemic Control Center, Chen Shi-Chung indicated that the new restriction will be launched since Dec, 1st, and will last until Feb, 2021.

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The biggest impact to the public of this restriction is to reinforce the mask-wearing regulation. In the future, people will be required to wear mask in most of the public occasions, not only in the public transportation system and the medical institutions, but also in markets, shopping mall, leisure and entertainment space, temples and churches, government agencies, banks, any places that are hard to keep social distance or have the potential of transmission and infection. People who violate the rule will be fined up to 15,000 NTD.

As for the crowded outdoor space (scenic area, amusement park, night markets, traditional markets), and the outdoor assembly (parade, pilgrimage, new year’s eve celebration), CECC has also suggest the operators to control the amount of participants and tourists, to effectively make people keep social distance.

Taiwan's local governments cancel school trips and religious parades amid  coronavirus fears | Taiwan News | 2020/02/26

In correspond to the rising imported cases, CECC also announced that travelers enter Taiwan or transfer in Taiwan have to submit the nucleic acid testing-negative report to aboard the plane to Taiwan.

The Chinese New Year’s Bubble burst

Some Taiwanese oversea were hoping that there can be a traveling bubble for the Chinese New Year. The commander pointed out that the situation has been worsen. The citizens coming back oversea can be dangerous to the epidemic control, so they are still required to stay quarantine for 14 days. 

Adjustment for Mask-rationing plan

Now the pandemic is well under control. There are more than 600 million masks in stock, and the daily production has been raised to 35 million a day. Since 1st, Jan 2021, people can buy 10 masks with 40 NTD every two weeks. The unit price will drop from 5 to 4 NTD.

Update: Taiwan's FamilyMart to start selling face masks on Tuesday | Taiwan  News | 2020/06/01
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So when can we travel internationally?

It depends on when the vaccine can be launched. It’s estimated that people can have the vaccine injection in 2021. However, it takes time for all the people to get injected, so international travel may not be available until Q4, 2021, when people have the shelter of community immunity.

Of course our traveling experience will not be the same in the short term. In the past, people used to arrive the airport 2 hours early than the departure. But in the future, it may take 4 hours to undergo the whole process.

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