When summer gives its way to autumn, it remarks the season of persimmon in Hsinpu. People are busy picking up the persimmons and peeling off the fruit skins to make them into dried fruit. At the courtyards of the farmhouses, persimmons are placed on the plate hanging above the ground. The shadows of the persimmon dotting on the red-bricked ground, creating a unique pattern which draws photographers to capture this seasonal view.

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Note: The best time to make good shots is between 9 am and 3 pm when the weather is nice and the sky is clear.

Why do the locals make persimmons into dried fruits?

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To make dried persimmon, the fruit has to be bathed under the sunlight and dry by the wind. Xinpu is a suitable place to dry the persimmon because it’s located on the lee side. When the northeastern monsoon blows, the wet airflow gets over the mountains and becomes dry. The speed of the wind can be up to 20 meters per second. (that’s even faster than the speed of typhoon) The locals then use the wind to dry foods.

The process of making dried persimmon

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Select the healthy fruit> Cut off the pedicle and peel off the skin > Put the persimmons under the sun> Press the persimmons to shape the fruit and drain the water> Bake and sterilize

The icing on the surface of the persimmon is not added artificially. It’s naturally formed during the process of drying. The icing itself is the precious ingredient of Chinese medicine.

Persimmon dyeing

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Persimmons are rich in tannin and colloid. The peel can be boiled to extract the pigment, and the juice of the fruit can also be used as a dye. The color of the dye can be different when it’s added with other materials, and the color on the cloth can be deepened by the sunlight.

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Persimmon dyeing is common in Japan and Korea but the Hakka people were not aware of the technique originally. The fact that persimmon can be made into dye was found when the worker found their apron was stained by the juice. The stain is hard to eliminate and it’s even water-proof. Thanks to the discovery, the locals found a way to use wasted fruits and peels.

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The taboo of eating persimmons

Persimmons are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, carotin, niacin, and minerals. However, there are some taboos when eating persimmons. The taboos are related to the tannin which can have chemical reactions with stomach acid and protein, causing indigestion, stomach, diarrhea, and constipation.


  • Avoid eating persimmons when your stomach is empty
  • Do not eat seafood and persimmons at the same time. It’s better to have persimmons next day
  • Do not eat the green persimmons
  • Peel off the persimmon to reduce the tannin

If you have read our previous article-Holy Crab! It’s the Season for Wangli Crab! Time to Dig In, it’s our duty to remind you again that do not eat persimmons after having crabs.

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