If you are an outdoor lover then you should not come to Taiwan. Because once you come, you will be addicted to this mountainous island. There are Central Mountain Range, Hsuehsahan Mountain Range, Yushan Mountain Range, Alishan Mountain Range, and Coastal Mountain Range waiting for your visit. You will either stay long here or come back to Taiwan annually to conquer all of them.

Here we want to introduce you to one of the most popular hiking trails of Taiwan: Songlou Lake. It was found by a group of college students in 1976. The lake is often foggy, like a shy maid covered with a veil. Therefore, people refer it to as the lake like 17 years old maid.

The lake shrinks during the dry season, but the view is still appealing. (The wet season is from October to April)

The trail is 5.4 kilometers long and the elevation is 750 meters high. That seems not too difficult but the way can be very steep. If you are a new beginner of hiking, you can try something easier to train yourself before taking this challenge from the young maid.

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The lake is in the mountains of Hsuehsahan Range (Snow Mountain Range), located in Wulai, New Taipei City. However, the entrance of the trail is in Datun, Yilan. Though you can have a round trip on the trail, we recommend you to have a camping night by the lake to see the different faces of the maid from the day to the night. The road to the lake is muddy. Many experienced hikers would suggest tackling the trail in rain boots. Make sure that you have all the equipment in your backpack, let’s hit the road.

It takes about 6 hours to walk to the camping site by the lake. We suggest you set out early, because:

The weather in the afternoon in the mountains is unstable. It’s likely to be foggy and rainy. The slippery way can be even more challenging.

The foggy way in the afternoon.

And if you get to the lake too late, the best spots to pitch the tent may be already occupied.

The way is pretty primitive, muddy, and rocky.

When you finally reach the site, you can drop down your heavy backpack and appreciate the beauty of the belle.

When the sun was shining and the rain kept falling.
Look into the dry lake, you will find an amazing micro world.
The reflection of the lake makes everything ethereal.
The picture was shot in the morning. The sky was clear for only a moment.

To get the water supply, you can walk westward. There is a path leading to the upper Nanshi stream.

The way is barely trodden by people.
Find some little friends on the river bank.


  1. Visitors have to apply for the entry permit 5 days earlier online.
  2. The trail is slippery, so pay attention to every step you take.
  3. The parking lot can only accommodate a few cars, so it’s important to get there early. You can also have a private charter service to be care-free.
  4. A raincoat is a must-have.
  5. Do not leave the trash in the mountains.
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