Gugong National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan
Gugong National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

If you have been to Taipei, maybe you have seen the collections in the National Palace Museum on-site. But it’s still likely that you missed the stories about them. Let’s start from the most popular showpiece-Jade Cabbage, Meat-shaped Stone, and Cauldron of Duke Mao to reveal the intriguing facts of the treasures.

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Jade Cabbage

It was said to be a gift for Consort Jin. Now some researchers point out that it may be just a piece of decoration of Yonghe Palace. It could belong to any consort or dame who lived in the palace.

Jade Cabbage is the most popular collection in the museum, but back to the Qing dynasty, it wasn’t valuable. In the 19th century, people preferred jade with a single color. Therefore, a jade artifact like Jade Cabbage with the colors of green and white didn’t worth attention.

The flawless jade with pure white color

The quality of the jade wasn’t perfect. However, the ingenuity of the craftsman was outstanding. He carved the white part into the stem and carved the green part into leaves, turning the jade into a cabbage which amazes people nowadays.

If you take a closer look, you can see one katydid and one locust on the cabbage. Katydids are reproductive. They are a symbol of endless offspring. As for the locust, researchers still can’t find a specific reason why this insect associated with famine is on the cabbage. Maybe they will figure out the reason years later.

17 《翠玉白菜》俯視圖。
The katydid and the locust

When it was found in Yonghe Palace, it was put vertically on the enamel support. The support was forgotten for a long time and it was found 10 years ago when the officials were checking the collections. Now if you see it in NPM, the cabbage is leaning on the wooden support so the katydid and the locust can be spotted easily and the flaws of the artifact can be ignored.

Jade Cabbage and the enamel support

Meat-shaped Stone

故宮前進南半球肉形石、清明上河圖赴澳展出- 新聞- Rti 中央廣播電臺

Meat-shape Stone was a tribute for emperor Kangxi from a Mongolian tribe. It was carved from carnelian, of which the texture has a striking resemblance to the meat. You can see the fat, the lean meat, the skin of the pork, and even the capillary pores on the skin. The pores are artificially made by the craftsman. He drilled the pores one by one and dyed the skin to make it even more realistic.

It’s surprising that by the criteria of the museum, Jade Cabbage and Mear-shaped Stones are not national treasures. They are just important antiques cause they are not deeply related to history and cultural inheritance. Despite the fact, they are still the most welcomed collections in the museum.

Cauldron of Duke Mao


<p>The bronze cauldron was made around 8<sup>th</sup> century BC. There are 500 words carved inside the cauldron. It is the most word count bronze ever to be found. The inscriptions on the cauldron represent the greatest calligraphy art, and the content of the inscriptions can stand for the literature of the Chou dynasty. </p>

<figure class=國立故宮博物院>典藏精選>”/><figcaption> <br>The inscriptions are engraved inside</figcaption></figure>

<p>The cauldron was long forgotten by people until it was unearthed in Shaanxi in 1843. Some people said that cauldron was used in the rituals for the gods and the ancestors, so it can’t belong to ordinary people. The theory may be real because people who owned the cauldron all suffer from bad lucks. The last owner sent it to the government of ROC so that the curse can be lifted. It’s a true national treasure because it has a lot to do with Chinese history and culture.</p>

<p>Taiwanese tour guides like to refer them as a hot pot collection because you can put the cabbage and the meat into the cauldron. </p>

<figure class=台灣禮品館- 最新消息台灣嚴選好物商城公司企業團購台灣MIT禮品禮盒送禮台灣文創好物良品台灣工藝品金選
The Hot Pot Collection: Art crafts can still be connected to your daily life

Visiting a museum is no longer a boring schedule on your tour. In the National Palace Museum, you can always find something you have resonates with. So why not have a Taipei tour and visit the National Palace Museum?

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