Did you get freaked out by our last episode of Taiwanese bizarre food collection? Well, hope you didn’t. Because this queer adventure is not ended yet. Let’ move on and see more mind-blowing foods.

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Chicken Feet

The chicken feet have a romantic name-the Phenix paw

It can be a big challenge for foreigners to eat chicken feet. First, they have to conquer the fear of eating animal’s feet. Second, they need some tips to enjoy the flavor of chicken feet. You can start by biting off the toes and then spitting out the bones With very little meat, chicken feet are mostly skin and tendon, hence they taste gelatinous. They are actually good snacks if you don’t want to take in too many calories.


Do you know the funny little things on roosters’ heads? Is called cockscomb. Though the shape looks grotesque, the cockscomb is full of collagen, which can help you to fight against aging. It’s not very available in the night markets. If you spot it, just take your plunge and give it a try.

Chicken Butt

雞屁股累積毒素會致癌?專家說反而別吃肥肉+內臟| 生活| 三立新聞網SETN.COM

Although some people think it gross to eat the anal part, the chicken butt can be still regarded as the best part of a chicken. It’s fatty and cartilaginous, a perfect combination of tasty and chewy.

Milkfish Gut

The milkfish gut is probably the darkest delicacies in southern Taiwan. When it is fried, the dish looks like a plate of dark worms. Only the true gourmets dare to challenge this fearsome-looking food. To start your first bite, you can stain the gut with some pepper. Then just close your eyes and put it in your mouth. You will be amazed by its crispy salty savor. And the gut goes perfectly with rice. So remember to order bowls of rice.

The fish gut also taste good in soup

If you think this weird food is not welcomed by people, you are absolutely wrong. The fish gut is often sold out in the early morning.

Asparagus juice

What’s the sexiest juice in Taiwan? The answer is the asparagus juice produced by Jing Jing. During the time when Taiwan was still a conservative society, it was not easy to find sexy figures on TV, magazine, and new paper. Therefore the juice soon went viral with its cover-a blonde sexy bikini girl on the beach. Getting a can of asparagus juice is a traditional summer ritual for some Taiwanese to get rid of heat.

Frog Soup

Does it look like the witch’s cuisine to you? French also eat frogs too, but they only eat legs. In Taiwan, you can see the frogs’ whole figure floating up and down in the soup cooked with gingers and rice wine(some are cooked with garlic). Though it may look like the scene in the horror movie, the taste is wonderful. The meat texture is between chicken and fish. It’s tender and not greasy.

Chicken Testicles


The chicken balls are often cooked with sesame soup. It tastes very soft, like tofu covered with thin skin. The moment you bite through the ball, you can feel the soft inside explode in your mouth. Testicles are super rare ingredients (One rooster only has two testicles). So if you notice it on the menu of some restaurant, just go for it.

Chicken Testicle Challenge

Some foods are not popular just because of the terrible look. If you always judge the book by its cover, you will miss a lot. If you are planning a Taiwan tour or if you are in Taiwan now, why not give yourself a bizarre food adventure?

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