Image Courtesy of Ruocaled(Flickr)
Image Courtesy of Ruocaled(Flickr)

Taiwan is well known as a paradise of foods. To fairly describe Taiwanese foods, there’s no word better than “wild”. They are unusual but in a way that is attractive or exciting. If you know the TV show-Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, you may faintly get the concept of wild. Now, imagine yourself being at the most popular night market with streaming people. Let’s have a bizarre food adventure to explore the authentic “Taiwan Way”. (In Mandarin, “flavor” is pronounced “way”)

Stinky Tofu

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The smell from all kinds of foods always mixed up together. But you can still identify the smell of the most fear worthy delicacy-stinky tofu. (Article and product) There are variations of stinky tofu. Fried stinky tofu is equipped with pickles and special sauce. Hold your breath and take a bite, you can taste the crispy skin and the juicy inside. It has a strong fermentation smell, but it doesn’t taste what it smells. You can take one more challenge of spicy stinky tofu. It is cooked with spicy(mala) broth and sometimes added with duck blood. If you like spicy foods, you will definitely be addicted to it.

Pig Blood Cake

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Pig blood cake is named among the top 10 unusual foods in the world by travel website It is steamed rice coated with pig’s blood, special sauces, a thick layer of peanut powder, and coriander. Tourists often get intimidated when they know that it’s made with blood. But the cake doesn’t taste bloody at all. You can give this mind-blowing snack a try.

Iron Egg

If you see anything with an oval shape and dark brown, black sphere. It’s 99% unlikely to be chocolate. It’s actually a kind of egg braised with soy sauce, crystal sugar, and Chinese herbal medicine for seven days in a row. Cooked over and over again, the iron eggs taste chewy.

Duck Tongue

Some people commented that eating a duck tongue is like kissing with a duck. You can feel the tongue is teasing your taste bud while chewing. And you will enjoy the flavor one after another. The duck tongue is so charming that even the superstars from Hongkong always buy several packs when they visit Taiwan.

Century Egg

Century egg, some people call it a thousand-year-old egg. No matter what the name is, you may get the hint that it can be preserved for a long time(but that’s not true). CNN once reported it as one of the grossest foods in the world and said that it was “egg of the devil “. Despite the notorious reputation, century eggs are widely welcomed in Taiwan and China. What’s more, it is actually full of nutrition, containing protein, vitamins, and minerals. The egg looks dark not because that is expired but because that it is processed with some alkaline material so the egg white and the egg yolk are semi-solidified.

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