Image resource: ERV-NSA
Image resource: ERV-NSA

It’s really hard to conclude which month is the best time to travel in Taiwan. You can have different views in different seasons. What are the seasonal attractions in August then? Besides the Chianggu Competition of the Ghost Festival that we just talked about, there’s one more place you can put the pin on your traveling map-the flower sea of orange daylily.

Every year from August to September is the blossom time of Orange Daylilies. When the mountains are covered with golden orange flower blanket, the seasonal scene always attracts countless tourists for instagrammable shots. Some people even refer it to one of the must-see scenes in Taiwan.

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Where to find the orange daylilies?

There are three spots to see the sea of orange daylily-Lioushihdan Mountain, Chike Mountain, and Taimali Mountain. Taimali Mountain is located in Taitung while Lioushihdan and Chike are in Hualien. Public transportation is not very convenient in eastern Taiwan, so it is suggested that visitors take TRA to the stations close to the mountains and rent a vehicle (if you have a license) or have chartered service provided by the local b&b. Also, it’s better to see the flower sea during weekdays if you want to be indulged in the scene without being interrupted. 

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Lioushidan Mountain

Lioushidan Mountain is located at Fuli Township, Hualien. The elevation is around 700 to 900 meters.

Transportation: The closest train station to Lioushidan Mountain is Dongzhu. However, it is suggested that tourists go to Fuli station, where they can find scooter-renting stores. It takes about 30 minutes to get Lioushidan Mountain from Fuli.

Feature: Because of the rift valley, the weather is often cloudy, which makes the perfect condition for crepuscular ray (God’s ray). It will be a great shot if you capture the scene when the sunbeam penetrates through the clouds on the background with the golden flowers swinging on the foreground. What a sublime view!

Chike Mountain

Chike Mountain is located at Yuli Township, Hualien. The elevation is about 900 meters.

Transportation: You can take a train to Yuli station and rent a scooter. It takes around 45 minutes to get to Chike mountain.

Feature: Visitors can go to “The Wang’s Old House”. It is neither a historical building nor a luxury mansion. But in the season, you can see the farmer dry the flowers in the sun. The roof and the ground are all covered with orange blankets. It will be your most brilliant summer memory.

Taimali Mountain

Taimali Mountain is located at Taimali Township, Hualien. The elevation is about 1300 meters.

Transportation: You can take a train to Taimali station and rent a scooter. It takes around 40 minutes to get to Taimali Mountain.

Feature: With a height of 1300 meters, Taimail is a perfect spot for people to have 360 degrees panorama. Besides the orange daylilies, there are other flowers(sakura blossom, wild lily and
Hydrangea ) to see in different seasons.

The magical curative effect of orange daylily

The orange daylilies are not just pleasant to the eye but of no use. They also have curative effects for human body. It can be beneficial to people who suffer from unstable emotions, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It can also improve memory . The dried flower contains 7.5mg iron,which is twice the amount as the iron in spinach. The fresh orange daylilies are a little bit poisonous so people dry the flower to eliminate the toxin.

食譜) 如何處理金針花才能吃得安心- Cook72 智能料理72變
The fried flowers are widely added into dishes

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