Have you seen the previous article-”5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Taiwan” and learn the tips to be a Taiwanese? You can find thousands of reasons why you should stay in Taiwan and know that it is not only a place for tourists but also a destination for foreign residents.

When you finally decide to move to Taiwan, the first decision you have to make is where to settle down. The only place you know is probably Taipei so you set it as your habitation. After reading this article, you may give it a second thought. Let’s break down the cons and pros of the cities in Taiwan.

PlaceThe average price of livingWeatherTransportationFeature
Taipei28,000 NTD/monthExtremely humid in summer and rainy in winterMRT and busesconvenient life, nightlife, social activities, art events
Taichung23,000 NTD/monthBetter than Taipei, with less rainBRT and busesA transportation hub, temperate weather
Tainan19,000 NTD/monthHot in summer warm in winterScooterTraditional Taiwanese food, historical building
Kaohsiung21,000 NTD/month
Hot in summer warm in winter
Scooter and MRTCity of Harbors
Hualien19000 NTD/monthHot in summer and rainy in winterScooterNature scenery. Hard for expats to get a job


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There are almost 7 million people living in the Taipei metropolis (including New Taipei City). As the capital, it naturally acts as the most international city in Taiwan and therefore attracts a large group of expats. There are a lot of English/American schools and multinational companies so it is easier for newbies to find offers.

The basic living cost is the most expansive among the cities in Taiwan, around 25,000 to 28,000 NTD a month on average. If you feel homesick, you still can find foods from your hometown. (And they are usually not bad.) The public transportation is the best-developed. You can still travel through the cities without private vehicles. The most attractive part of Taipei is that the concrete jungle is surrounded by mountains, so you can work hard in the office then relax in nature on weekends.

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Taichung is the third-largest city in Taiwan. During these years, there are more and more people moving to Taichung. The weather in Taichung is usually better than Taipei. Taichung is not as hot as Taipei in summer and it’s sunnier in winter.

The available jobs for foreigners may be less, but if you join some expat communities, you may find a job soon. The living expanse is cheaper than Taipei but a bit higher than the cities in the south. Taichung is located at the midpoint of western Taiwan. You can regard it as a transportation hub. It doesn’t take much time to travel to either Taipei or Kaohsiung. And if you want to go to the east, you can drive through
central cross-island highway.


Tainan is the first city to be developed in Taiwan, since the 17th century. It was the capital city under the past dynasties. Now people refer it to as the cultural capital of Taiwan.

Compared to Taipei, the pace in Tainan is much slower. You can enjoy a relaxing vibe and just chill. If you are interested in the traditional Taiwanese, Hokkien culture, you will love this place. It’s recommended to explore the city with a scooter. Most of the places are accessible within 20-30 min ride. The food in Tainan is known for being amongst the best in Taiwan and it’s also cheaper.


Kaohsiung is the second-largest city in Taiwan. It’s a city with rivers, beaches, and harbors. If you are an ocean lover, Kaohsiung will be your top choice. The beach is a popular spot in summer. You can enjoy the beer and have some barbecue at the food stalls. The fresh seafood is awesome! Also, Kaohsiung is not far from Kenting, which means you can work in the city and spend your weekends at Kenting.


If you are dreaming a life between the mountains and the ocean, I will recommend you to live in Hualien. Though life with less recreational activities is not as dazzling as the life in Taipei, you can enjoy the scenic view. The azure sky, the crystal-clear ocean the sublime valley, and the majestic cliffs. However, it may take you some time struggling to find a job. The startup can be the most difficult part.

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