What’ the first thing you should do when you enter Taiwan? Some people would choose to get themselves a SIM card. As a local Taiwanese, I suggest you get an Easycard. (There is free Wi-Fi on the public space so you don’t need to worry about being disconnected.) Imagine the scenario: You just check-in, and you are with huge luggage and handbags. You finally make your way to Taoyuan Airport MRT, then you have to drop down everything to get your wallet and buy the ticket. Doesn’t it seem troublesome? However, with an Easycard, you can just walk through the gate smoothly.

Of course, that’s not the only function of the Easycard. In Taiwan, you can be without a credit card, but you can’t be without an Easycard.

Keep scrolling down so you can experience a convenient Taiwanese-styled life.

Where to get/charge an Easycard?

For travelers who just arrive in Taiwan, they can find the card at the E-tickets service counters at the arrival hall of terminal 1&2. Travelers can also find Easycards in convenient stores. Users can charge the cards in convenience stores and the metro stations.


If you have read our previous blog, you would know that you can take public transportations with Easycard, includes all the cities’ buses, MRT, BRT, TRA, THSR, Ubike, and intercity buses.

【Taiwan Travel Guide】 How to Take Taiwan Railway Train 2020? *Please be noted that people with Easycard can only take non-reserved seats on TRA.

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【Taipei Travel Guide】How To Take Taipei MRT 2020? *Passengers can get discounts with Easycards according to their frequency of taking Taipei Metro. The more you take Taipei Metro, the more discount you can get.

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Admissions of tourist attractions

The followings are the tourist spots that can be accessed with Easycard. You don’t have to waste your time buying the tickets.

1.Tapei City Zoo
2.Hsinchu City Zoo
3.Fulong Beach
4.Yehliu Geo Park
5.National Museum of Nature Science
6.Taipei Fine Art Museum
7.Taipei Children’s Amusement Park
8.National Palace Museum
9.Maokong Gondola
10. National Museum of Prehistory
11.Lanyang Museum
12. Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

Go shopping with Easycards

1. Convenience Stores7-11, Family Mart, Hi-life, OK Mart
2. Drug StoresWatsons, Cosmed
3. SupermarketsJason’s, Wellcome, Pxmart, Simple Mart
4. Restaurant/ CafeMcDonald, KFC, Burger King, Mr.Donut, Subway, Dominos, Cold Stone,
85°C, Louisa Coffee, Starbuck
5. Groceries Muji

Besides the Easycard, there are a few other IC Cards that are also available for usage in Taiwan. The iPass (一卡通) is the local card for Kaohsiung, however can also be used island-wide. Other cards include HappyCash (有錢卡) as well as iCash which offers promotions at 7-11 and other shops owned/operated by Uni-President such as Starbucks, Mr. Donut, and Cosmed).

Easycards in different styles. This is for Pokemon lovers.
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