You must be freaked out when you saw the weather forecast said that there would be consecutive days with temperatures higher than 36 degrees Celsius. Sadly, it is more and more common to have such scorching days in the summer of Taiwan. So how do you plan to deal with it? Staying indoor may be a realistic option but isn’t it kind of boring?

In the previous article-【Taipei Day Tour】How to Deal with Summer Heat? we introduce 5 easily accessible waterfalls around Taipei for you. But that’s not all for Taipei. Do not look away, we have something else for you-water sports.


SUB is the abbreviation of “Standing Up Paddle”, is a sport between surfing and canoeing. It’s not so difficult like surfing. You just need some practices then you can travel on the sea.

There are a lot of places for SUB around Taipei. Elephant Trunk is the most recommended one. It’s a 30 meters tall marine arch that looks like an elephant drinking water.

You can have a great chance to take a closer look at the giant rocks formations and be marveled at the cliffs from the bottom on the sea level.

How to get to Elephant Trunk? You can take bus 1813, bus 1551, or bus 1550 to Keelung City then take bus 791 or 1051 to Shenao.

*If you want to visit Elephant Trunk, you can also check out our Yehliu & Jiufen Day Tour

2. Canoeing

Wuyan Cape is the endpoint of Central Mountain Ridge. You can get to the cape by paddling for 2~2.5 hours along the Donau Bay. (You can also get there by standing up paddling if you are professional.)

How to get to Donau? Take TRA to Donau Station. Around the station, you can see local suppliers of canoeing experience.

Photo credit: Fearless Formosa

*If you want to try SUB or Canoeing, we highly suggest you do it around sunrise. You can enjoy the breathtaking view without getting sunburn. Be sure to apply sunscreen before you start sporting. And if you are prone to get seasick, remember to take pills 30 minutes before the activity.

3. Snorkeling

Longdon is a natural aquarium with abundant marine life. Bring a GoPro with you to capture every memorable moment. There are more than 80 kinds of fish. You can see a shining, large school of fish under the sunlight. Most of them are not timid. They even spin around you to welcome you as their guest. You can even see Nemo in the coral reef. But they are not as friendly as you see in the movie. If you are too close to its habitat, it will rush out to warn you against coming forward.

Photo Credit: Follow Xiao Fei

How to get to Longdong? Take TRA to Badouzi Station then take bus 791 to Longdong Harbor.

4. River Trekking

There are a lot of places for river trekking. Here we just introduce a spot-Laomei River. It’s an easy one for people who don’t exercise much. Because of the cold spring, the stream water is much cooler. For your safety’s concern, we suggest you get yourself a coach for this activity.

Laomei Cold Spring

We also have tours that take you to Laomei. Check out
Hidden Gems Around Taipei. In this tour, you can indulge yourself in the cool pool under a 30 meters high waterfall.

And there’s a seasonal attraction at Loamei coast. Read more:【Taipei Private Tour】Spring Only! The Dreamlike Laomei Green Reef

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最後修改日期: 3 月 24, 2022