“Pretend Vacations” are going viral in Taiwan, a range of domestic travel subsidies will take effect in July, including the Executive Yuan’s Triple Stimulus Voucher program. Domestic tourisms are boosting as pandemic eases in Taiwan, where “Revenge Outings” are currently all the rage in Taiwan. Therefore, the number of Taiwan’s travel agencies specializing in domestic tourisms are growing from 267 to more than 4000.

Justaiwantour, a travel agency based in Taipei which insists on inbound travel industry, held an adventure during the Dragon Boat Festival (Read more: The Ultimate Guide of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan). The purpose of this campaign “Call for Explorers” is to promote Taiwan’s beauty to the world from the perspective of foreigners themselves. Moreover, to show gratitude to the efforts of our government and citizens, where the virus hasn’t had a huge impact on Taiwan compared to other countries.

On that day, Taipei baked in 37.6-degree heat, hottest Dragon Boat Festival day ever. Justaiwantour, along with a number of bloggers and Youtubers from France, Canada, South Africa and USA, celebrated Dragon Boat Festival in a unique way by discovering the hidden gems around Taipei. The walking tour started at Qingshan waterfall, tracing to Shimen Terrace, then having lunch at Jinshan Old Street and coming to an end at Nanzilin Trail.

The outdoor enthusiasts enjoyed refreshing Qingshan waterfall at the first stop, “We usually like adventure but we have never seen waterfall in Taiwan, Qingshan waterfall is an eye-opener for us!” said the French couple Carlyle and Alexandre. Justaiwantour brought along a yoga teacher – Suki, who led the explorers in escaping from the urban hustle and experiencing yoga in mother nature.

After seeing the spectacular Shimen Terraces, the adventure paused a bit at Jinshan old street, “I found some roasted sweet potatoes, ice cream and taro cakes, that was one of my favorites!” said Matthew, “I like traveling and I’ve been in Taiwan for two years, but I have never been to any the place on this Taipei private tour, so that was amazing!”

A pair of YouTubers on our Taiwan tour – Victor and Grace, an international couple from Canada and Taiwan, whose most popular video, “A day in life during a pandemic in Taiwan | 疫情持續擴大,外國人慶幸自己身在台灣” has gained more than 230 thousand views. “Taiwan is a small country where every place is highly accessible, so that’s why we really like traveling here is because of the accessibility and also the beauty right away, there you see!”, Victor exclaimed overlooking the spectacular view. “We just finished the hike to the top of Nanzilin trail, it’s so good, very rewarding once you get up there, the view is perfect!”

Expats play a key role in boosting Taiwan’s tourism, just like the Taiwanese government, Justaiwantour has responded to upcoming revival of country’s inbound tourism industry ahead of time. “Call for explores” will be a trend of traveling since explorer can avoid crowds by visit less-visited spots instead.

TTR Weekly, a reliable source of news for Asia’s travel planners established in 1978, has reported our campaign in a different angle, click here to see the news!

最後修改日期: 12 月 19, 2022