How much do you know about Taiwan? When it comes to the tourist spots of Taipei, what shows up in your mind? Stop thinking about those popular attractions, they are such cliché. There are still places worth visiting, and they are just around Taipei. Follow the steps of Justaiwantour to see what you have missed. 

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To make this exploration more interesting, we collected some expats from the USA, Canada, France, and South Africa. Some of them have stayed in Taiwan for more than 5 years. But still, before this tour, they hadn’t been to the place we were going to.

The first stop is Chingshan Waterfall. It’s located in Yangmingshan National Park, but it’s relatively less visited because there’s no public transportation to get to the trail.

We highly recommend this trail. It’s a perfect place to escape from the summer heat. The hiking trail is built under the trees’ canopy so you can have shelters all the time. It only takes 40 minutes to get to the waterfall, and the trail is not steep at all.

You can have a nice walk without sweltering.

If you have seen some Chinese martial art movies, you would know that the immortals, the swordsmen, and the knights like to sink themselves in the pool under the waterfall so that they can absorb the energy from nature. To connect more bonding with nature and relax your mind, you can spend some time meditating.

The water is clean and refreshing. If you want to be indulged in the pool, remember put on your swimming wear.
Just by meditating on the big rock, you can feel your mind purified.

There’s another way connected to the Jianshanhu trail. But the way is more challenging. If you are traveling with elders or children, you can just turn back along the way.

Don’t just focus on the stream and the waterfall.
On the way, you can meet some tiny friends.

The next stop was Shimen Terrace. The terrace was built one hundred years ago, and it’s the only terrace built with volcanic rocks. A lot of Taiwanese don’t even know that we do have rice paddy built in the form of terraces. So this place is somewhat forgotten by the people. So we visit there to call back our memories.

Look into the pond you may find some surprises. There are tiny creatures living inside.

How do you sense summer? By taking a walk in the lush rice paddy, you know it’s the season with vigorous power. If you look from afar, the terrace looks like giant’s staircases. If you walk into the field, the ponds look like mirrors reflecting the sky. If you look even closer, you’ll know it’s a paradise for tiny creatures.

You can have a different view of our tour in this video made by Victor and Grace.

After Shimen Terrace, we made our way to Jingshan Old Street for lunch. Do not miss the most famous delicacy: Jingshan duck meat.
How to order at duck meats shop in Jinshan old street? There is a unique system to order here: 1. Find a seat in the buildings (cause there are always too many customers that can’t fit in one building) with a number on it, 2. Go order your meal at the front desk 3. Then bring your meal to your seat!

Look what we order !看看我們點了什麼!

Justaiwantour 發佈於 2020年6月24日 星期三
Look what we ordered.

If you still have space in your stomach after the duck feast, you can try some snacks along the street.

There are too many things to see and buy in Jinshan old street, traditional foods that rarely found in the urban area are definitely a must-try!金山老街的東西琳瑯滿目,好吃又好看,尤其是都市找不到的傳統美食這裡都有!

Justaiwantour 發佈於 2020年6月24日 星期三
Check out what we found.

Usually, people come to Ruifang to visit Jiufen. But you know, Jiufen is crowded with tourists all the time. So here we have another suggestion: Nanzilin Trail, our last destination of the tour. The elevation is just 190 meters, and you can have a full panorama of the northeastern coast and the mountain ridge.

The view is great but there’s nothing that can block the sunlight all the way to the top. Therefore, it’s better to come here in winter, when it’s cooler and you can see the mountain covered with silver grass. But if you only can come here in summer, you should start walking in the early morning, before the sun heats up the air and the ground.

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