What’s the first thing showing up in your mind when it comes to Taipei?

For some people, Taipei is a city that never sleeps and is the place where you can have a dazzling nightlife. And for some people, it’s a metropolis where they can enjoy different activities to enrich their life.

However, sometimes you may feel like to be isolated for a while being indulged into your own universe to enjoy the tranquility and detox your mind. In recent years, outdoor yoga becomes more and more popular. It can help you to release your stress and relax your nerves.

I have to say you are very lucky to be in Taipei. (If you are not in Taipei then you must come to this amazing city one day.) In this concrete jungle, you can still find a paradise to sink your mind into a peaceful dimension and practice yoga.

The following are some recommended spots:

1. Riverbank

Taipei is surrounded by rivers on three sides. You can never be far away from the river when you are in the city. The riverbank is an excellent spot for people to spend their leisure time. You can ride Ubike along the river bank to search for the perfect spot for yoga.

2. Daan Park

Covered in grasslands, trees, flowers, and foliage plants, Daan Park is the most visited place on weekends in Taipei. Despite the crowd, you can still find a corner for yourself. There are not too many people in the early morning, so don’t worry that you will be disrupted. There are a lot of cafés around the park so you can have brunch after yoga.

You can also have a picnic in Daan Park.

3. Huashan Grassland

Have you ever thought of doing yoga with your kids playing around you? There are some facilities for kids so you can stretch your body while keeping an eye on them. You can also invite your kids to join you to do yoga if they are not too hyperactive. After the exercise, you can see the exhibitions in Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

4. Qingtiangang

Qingtiangang is one of the most popular spots in Yamingshan National Park. It will be very pleasant to be bathed under the sunlight and practice yoga on the grassland. After yoga, you can follow the sign to Jinbaoli Trail. The scenery of the valley is breathtaking, especially in winter, with the sliver grass swinging in the breeze.

Jingbaoli Trail in wintertime

5. Cianshuei Bay/ Baisha Bay

Kenting may be too far away from you, but you can still enjoy the beautiful sandy beach around New Taipei. You can bring your sunscreen and bikini with you. What can be more pleasant to relax your body and get some suntan? You can start your weekend morning with yoga on the beach and get yourself some coffee at the cafes.

To get to Cianshuei Bay, you can take bus 860 at Tamsui Station. (It takes around 70mins) To get to Baisha Bay, you can take bus 862 at Tamsui Station.(It takes around 120 mins)

6. Qingshan Waterfall

If you have read our previous article, you would know that we highly recommend this spot. The stream in the mountain is quite accessible. You can walk onto the giant rocks and listen to the whisper of nature. You can have your swimming suit with you so that you can have a refreshing moment in the pool under the waterfall. It’s not convenient to get there by bus. If you don’t have a private vehicle, you can join the tour with us!

Of course, there are more places for Taipei. We only list some of them. If you are an outdoor lover, you will also like this:

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