For foreigners, it’s hard to believe that we have stores open 24 hours almost every corner in the cities. If you have read our previous article-【About Taiwan】What Can You Eat with 100NTD in 7-11, then you know 7-11 is the king that dominates the streets of Taiwan.

Why are there so many 7-11 in Taiwan?

“The nomads live by the grass while the citizens in Taipei live by 7-11.”

In Taiwanese hard-working society, time is regarded as a scarce resource.

People are obsessed with immediacy. That’s how convenient stores brought the revolution into our life. No matter when you visit, it’s always bright with dazzling items. You can pick up a rice cake as breakfast or supper. The boundary between day and night is blurred, so people can break the limitation of time.

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“You can find everything from the condoms for life to the white envelopes for death. You can never get out of the control of convenience stores.”

Since the first 7-11 store made its debut in 1979 in Taiwan, the culture of convenience stores has changed the way we live. According to a research made in 2017, Taiwanese go to the convenient stores 126 times in a year and spend 9702 NTD in total.

The TV advertisement of 7-11, 1988

7-11 not only offer foods and drinks but also offer some other services. The followings are the services that are useful for foreigners in Taiwan.

1. Recharge your Easy Card

In Taiwan, people can be without credit cards, but they can’t be without an Easy Card. With Easy Card, you can explore Taiwan more conveniently. You don’t need to trouble yourself to take out your wallet and coins.

You can buy an Easy Card in 7-11. You can pay with Easy Card at MRT stations, some supermarket, on the bus and at Ubike stations

2.Booking/Buying transportation tickets

You don’t have to buy tickets at the stations. With the kiosk, you can book your tickets and have them printed out by the crew with the payment slip. How to operate the kiosk? Just follow the steps here. About the transportation service, you can read our previous article about TRA, THSR, and buses.

Remember to have your ticket print out

About the transportation service, you can read our previous article about TRA, THSR, and buses.

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3.Prepaid card recharge

You can apply for 4G prepaid card anytime at any 7-ELEVEN here with your passport and visa, and enjoy 5 days for unlimited data usage. After that, you can always re-deposit for 1, 3, or 5 more days; the choice is yours.


There are ATMs in 7-ELEVEN. You may withdraw Taiwanese dollars with your cash card. ATM provides traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English service. Please follow the instruction. In addition, bank wire fees will be charged for international withdrawal.

5. Printing

If you need to print out any document, you can upload it to ibon Cloud then have it printed out through operating the kiosk. Remember to give the cashier your payment slip to pay for the fee. Also, you can print out the picture you take on your adventure and send it to your friends oversea.


If you love to do shopping on the internet, most of the sellers offer the service so you can retrieve your order at 7-11. Sometimes you can even pay on delivery.

7. Oversea Delivery

7-11 can also help you if you want to send gifts to your friends. Step 1.Fill out the shipping document here. Step 2.Print out the document and give it to the cashier with your parcel. Step 3.Pay for the shipping fee and keep your receipt. You can track your delivery here.


The service in 7-11 can go beyond your imagination. Some stores even sell draft beer! And it’s much cheaper than the draft beer in the beer house! If you are not an alcoholic, you can get yourself a mister donut and a cup of coffee to have wonderful tea time.

Draft beer in 7-11

What’s more, some 7-11 even has a reading space. You can buy a book and find a seat to read in the afternoon.

There are more and more functions served in 7-11, maybe one day there will be kindergartens, who knows? The service can go beyond your imagination.

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