Where do you think is the most-visit place for travelers in Taiwan? The answer is probably 7-11 instead of the tourist spots.

The statistic shows that Taiwan has more than 10,000 convenience stores. There are 0.31 convenience stores in one square kilometer, just second to South Korea.

Since the first 7-11 opened in 1979 in Taiwan, the convenience store culture has totally changed life in Taiwan. You can still find food at midnight when other stores, restaurants, and night markets are closed. You can recharge your energy immediately after working out. If you are too busy working, you can grab something randomly then keep on working in your office.

7-11 ad of Taiwan in 1986

For backpackers who intend to stay in Taiwan for a long time and have limited budget, 7-11 can be your best friends. You can see them at almost every corner in the city, and the quality of food is well-guaranteed.

You can even have Domino’s pizza at certain branches

A lot of travelers complain that they get more weight when they are in Taiwan. Enjoying the foods in Taiwan is not a sin but a virtue. You just need some balanced diet after your Taiwanese-delicacies feast.

It’s not a difficult task to control your budget under 100 NTD for a meal. But if you want to control the calories and stay fit simultaneously, it may take some effort. Here we have some tips for you.

How to ingest enough protein without spending too much money?

Ingesting enough protein is important. To pinch every penny, you can calculate the protein and the price before taking out your wallet. The following forms are some combos you may like:

A. Balance diet combo

Type Name Protein Price
Snack Tea boiled egg 6.85(g) $10
Main dish Chicken salad with pomelo sauce 16(g) $69
Beverage Sugar free soymilk with fiber 15.3(g) $20
Total 38.15(g) $99

B. Meat lovers combo

Type   Name Protein Price
Snack Tea boiled egg 6.85(g) $10
Main dish i-select fried chicken steak 30.9(g) $49
Main dish i-select roasted chicken leg Italian flavor 17.4(g) $39
Total 55.15(g) $98

i-select fried chicken steak

i-select roasted chicken leg Italian flavor

C. Low cost combo

Type Name Protein Price
Snack Tea boiled egg 6.85(g) $10
Main dish i-select fried chicken steak 30.9(g) $49
Beverage Sugar-free soymilk with fiber 15.3(g) $20
Total 53.05(g) $79

tea boiled egg

Sugar-free soymilk with fiber

Special Clearance Items with 30% off

There were 4 million rice cakes thrown away every year. To prevent the foods from being wasted, the gradually expired items will be tagged with stickers that say 30 percent off.

Other recommended choices for you

When you are tired of the combo above, you can have some replacement with the items down below.

Soba noodle: 320cal, 10.2g protein, $52NTD. This Japanese style noodle with light flavor can be your delightful meal in summer.

Miso soup with salmon and tofu: 86cal, 10.6g protein, $45NTD. If you are a miso lover, it’s a must-try. It’s not even more than 100 cal.

Tomato soup with vegetable:153cal, 11.9g protein, $49NTD. Want something exotic? This soup is in Italian style.

Vanilla roasted chicken in egg rice roll: 321cal, 15g, $49NTD. The rice roll look tiny, but it’s actually a good size for your stomach.

Chicken with black pepper in rice roll: 380cal, 14g, $45NTD. It’s a little bit spicy so you can buy some soymilk as a beverage.

Roast chicken lunch box with colorful vegetables: 353cal, 20g, $85NTD. Compared to the rice rolls, it has more protein and more vegetables.

Cauliflower rice with roast chicken: 258cal, 18.5g, $85NTD. In this lunch box, the rice is replaced with cauliflower. If you are on a strict diet, this can be your top choice.

The 7-11 in Taiwan does serve better food than the other 7-11 oversea. But there are still a lot of options out of the stores which we strongly recommended for you. A lot of people come to Taiwan to have a food tour. Come and give it a try!

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