Washing your hands is sexy. *Love in the time of coronavirus

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that all the foreigners are required to pass a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for the coronavirus (Covid-19) before they are allowed to enter the country.

Though the Taiwanese government hasn’t decided when to open the border to foreign travelers and non-residents, the head of CECC said that when Taiwan lifts the border bans, foreign visitors will be required to test negative in a PCR test before they can enter the country. In addition, after entering Taiwan, they will also be subject to follow-up testing and self-health management measures, depending on the activities that they engage in while in the country.

The policy for international business travelers in the future:

CECC also has a draft targeted at business travelers. After entering Taiwan, business travelers have to be in-home quarantine and then be tested for the coronavirus. Once the tests show negative, they will be released from the quarantine and required to do the self-health monitoring for 3 weeks. (Note: the examination for the coronavirus is at travelers’ own expanse)

According to the draft, business travelers will be divided into two types-from low-risk countries and extremely low-risk countries. People from extremely low-risk countries have to stay in quarantine for 5 days while people from low-risk countries have to stay in quarantine for 10 days.

However, due to the transparency of the information in different countries are different, CECC has to reevaluate this plan.    

The authorities concerned have a 3 stage plan to relax the restriction:

Stage one (7th June to 31st July)- Loosen social distance regulation

Stage two-(1st Aug to 31st Oct)- promote domestic tourism following

Stage three-(1st Oct to 31st Dec)- promote inbound tourism and progressively loosen immigration control.

We are currently in stage one. On 7th, June, certain regulations were relaxed. People are allowed to take their masks off when the social distance can be maintained. *Read more: Taiwan loosen Social Distance Regulation of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Stage 1- People have to follow the “Epidemic New Life Movement”

So far there are 6 active confirmed cases on the island. 430 of the 443 infected people have recovered. The day of zero active cases is just within a hand’s reach.

Meanwhile, we still encourage people to wear masks when it’s necessary and wash their hands regularly.

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