If you are going to travel and stay in Taipei for days, the first step to do is no doubt- to get yourself an Easycard. What about the second step? Well for the second step I will suggest you get a Youbike membership. There are 407 stations set up in Taipei with the aggregation of more than 13,000 bicycles. You can come across a Youbike station on an average of every 700 meters, so it’s very convenient to have short-distance travel with a pubic bicycle.

The service zone of Youbike is not limited to Taipei. You can rent the bike in New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, and Kaohsiung.

Service Fee

more than 8hr40NTD/0.5hr

So if you rent a bike for 2 hours, it would cost you 5+10*3=35 NTD


To get free insurance, registrars are required to fill in their ID(Passport number and date of birth)

How to do the registration?

Step1. Get yourself an Easycard or an iPass

Step2. You can do the registration through the service center, official website, app, or the kiosks at the stations. 

Step3. Enter your phone number to receive the text of an authorized number

Step4. Set your phone number as account number and set the password

Step5. Wait for 3-5minutes.

Rental Steps

Step1. Rent with a card: Before selecting a bicycle, for your safety’s concern, remember to check the tire pressure, brakes, and lights to confirm they are functioning properly. After the examination, put your Easycard(or iPass) on the sensor pad on the dock to initiate the rental.

Step2. Check the indicator light: When the green light starts blinking with a beeping sound, you can pull the bike backward to retrieve the bicycle.

Returning Steps

Step1. Align the bicycle to the white line on the ground and then push the bike all way into the docking port.

Step2. When the blue light starts shining with a beeping sound, put your card on the sensor pad to pay. The return process is complete when the indicator light switches to green.


What if I find some problem with the bike after retrieving it?

You can return the bike in 5 minutes and rent other bikes right away.
Please reverse the seat 180 degrees so that the patrols can spot it and have it fixed.

What should I do if the bike were stolen?

You can call the police and then contact the service center. If the bike cannot be found within 3 months, the renter has to pay 9000 NTD as compensation.

What if I lost the key?

You can call the service center for help. The rental fee will be charged according to the time when you call the customer service. An additional fee of 200 NTD will be charged for the key.

More FAQ

Ubike 2.0

  Ubike 2.0 Ubike 1.0
Appearance White and yellow Orange and yellow
How to rent Put the card on the sensor pad of the bike or scan the code with 2.0app Put the card on the sensor pad of the port
Port design Solar-powered City electricity
How to lock the bike? Turn the head to the right and insert the bolt With keys
Rate The same as 1.0version  
Ubike 2.0

Routines for Cyclist

1.Taipei Xinyi City Line: If you are an urban explorer, then you can see the prosperity of Taipei in Xinyi District. When you are tired, you can stop by the department stores to take a rest and enjoy the free air-con. A visit to the bookstores sounds great as well! Let your mind wander through the text to have a chilling afternoon. The next stops are Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. You can see the old and the new mix together and form a new lifestyle-Taipei style.

2. Dahu Park Line: Located in the suburban area, Dahu Park is a place you can find tranquility. It’s also a popular place for bird watching. If you are free, why not ride around the lake and pick up a spot you like to have a leisure day?

The beautiful scene at Dahu Park

3.Dadaocheng Line: Dadaocheng witness the development of Taipei. The old buildings are now reactive with the settlement of new stores that are committed to reserve and innovate Taiwanese culture. At dusk, remember to catch up on the sunset to enjoy the romantic moment. If you start to feel hungry, just ride to Ningxia Night Market to fill up your stomach from appetizer to desserts.

Photo Credit-Journey Taiwan
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