What should I know about money and costs in Taiwan?

  • ATMs

Banks, post offices and Convenient stores (Four biggest chain: 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK mart) are widely available in Taiwan, especially convenient store, you can easily find ATMs in them.

English-language options are also available in ATMs. Most ATMs in Taiwan accept international systems like Cirrus, Star, Interlink, Plus and Accel. In order to Taiwan is such a safe country that you don’t have to worry while withdrawing money. However, there might be limits on the amount of cash you can withdraw per transaction or per day.

  • Cash

Taiwan’s currency is the New Taiwan dollar (NT$). Bills include NT$100, NT$200 (rather rare), NT$500, NT$1000 and NT$2000 (also rare and less accepted by street vendors). Coins come in units of NT$1, NT$5, NT$10, NT$50. Taiwan only use local currency which means exchange your money is needed.











Credit Cards

You can use your credit card to pay for train tickets, High Speed Rail tickets, car rentals, and in most restaurants and hotels. Credit cards are widely accepted in physical store – street vendors and cheap budget restaurants, however, won’t take them. Make sure you ask beforehand.

Currency Exchange

If you fail to exchange the money in airport, don’t worry! Most banks in Taiwan will provide currency exchange service, but bringing a passport for identity verification might be necessary. The easiest way to get your money change is to go department stores, lots of them are licensed to exchange currency. Just note that the rates won’t be the best.

Exchange Rates

Australia A$1 NT$20.68
Canada C$1 NT$22.12
Euro zone €1 NT$33.63
New Zealand NZ$1 NT$19.37
UK  UK£1 NT$37.79
USA US$1 NT$29.62
Japan   NT$1 ¥3.62
South Korea NT$1 ₩40.22

(Latest updated on: June 10, 2020)

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