Daja Mazu Pilgrimage is honored by Discovery as one of the grandest religious events in the world. The 9-day pilgrimage starts from Daja Zhenlan temple then ahead to other temples in Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi and ends at the set-out point as a round tour with a 340 km routine. There can be 2 million people taking part in the parade, including local followers, foreign travelers, street vendors, and volunteers. (You may also interested in our previous article: Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage)


Every year around Lantern Festival, the chairmen of Daja Zhenlan temple throw the moon blocks to ask Mazu when they should hold the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage in 2020 was decided to set out at 11:05 pm 19th, March. However, under the shadow of the Wuhan Pneumonia, the event may not be held smoothly. The organizers have decided to postpone the parade.




Why? It is too risky.


Actually, more and more experts and professionals point out that the pilgrimage may destroy the efforts the Taiwanese have made and put Taiwan in danger. The coronavirus is spread through droplets, it seems very risky when people gather together cheering the birthday of Mazu. Just imagine the scenario when a large group of people crowdedly eating together and sleeping in the same space. How many viruses would you be exposed to if there were carriers?


The scene of “People Mountain People Sea”



Mazu has shown her mercy to Taiwanese people  


Taiwanese don’t really have to join the parade to indicate their piety and to get the blessing from Mazu. In fact, we already have mercy from Mazu. (Read more: Taiwan- Blessing in the Time of Novel Coronavirus)

How so? First of all, Taiwan and China are only separated by a narrow strait and there were so many people traveling back and forth. However, Taiwanese still successfully avoid the plague from widely spread. Secondly, the ten-thousands-families feast in Wuhan, the large scale infection on Diamond Princess and the situation in Korea proves that the coronavirus is highly infective through dense crowds. All of them can be regarded as signs conveyed by Mazu. She has made the statement that if we ignore the signs, we will be doomed.


Taiwanese are united together to fight against the coronavirus. The North Coast Marathon has been canceled, the preparation for the presidential Inauguration is suspended, and the organizers of the Daja Mazu Pilgrimage have also decided to postpone this event. It really takes off a load of people’s minds. But there is still a long way to go to get rid of the coronavirus.


As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves. Seeing Taiwanese’ strong determination to fight against the Wuhan pneumonia, Mazu will guard us during this disease.


Though the pilgrimage is postponed, you can still look forward to this great event. (It may still be held when the disease is brought to an end) We will publish more articles about what to eat on the way of pilgrimage and what to do to explore the religious culture in Taiwan. If you don’t want to miss any information, be sure to follow us on Facebook.


We hope the disease can be faded away soon. Mazu blesses Taiwan!


最後修改日期: 5 月 13, 2020



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