In the 1950s, there were 25 million travelers per year. Recently, the number has climbed to 1.4 billion in 2018. Traveling through flights has been more and more convenient.

A lot of people choose connecting flights instead of direct flights. For some people, it’s a way to save money; and for some people, it’s a way to visit more places.



If you are planning a trip, it is likely that you will stay in Taiwan for a few hours to wait for connection. If you have more than 6 hours to stay in the airport,what will you do? Don’t be so lazy sticking to the airport. With the chartered service, you can still have some fun in Taipei with limited time! Leave the airport and explore Taiwanese culture. (Read Also: Ilha Formosa-The Charm of The Island)


It only takes 40 minutes to get to Taipei City from Tauyuan airport




What to do if you only have 6 hours?

Taipei Food Tour at Yongkang Street


Yongkang Street

The last thing to do to spend your layover time is to eat and wander at the tax-free stores at the airport! A trip to Taiwan is not complete without enjoying the local foods. If you have no idea where to start digging in, our tour guide will take you to Yongkang Street, where you can get a mouth-watering collection of Taiwanese foods. You can grab the scallion pancake and boba milk tea as appetizers, then order a bowl of beef noodle as the main dish and have mango shaved ice as dessert to draw a perfect period for the food tour.


Scallion Pancake

It’s something convenient for taking out so people like to enjoy it while walking. It’s crispy, flaky on the outside, but doughy inside. You can jazz up your pancake with egg, ham, cheese, or basil, it would be like pizza in a Taiwanese style. The green onion smells tempting after fried so you are prone to finish it bite by bite. We strongly suggest you share food to your company because there are much more foods for you to savor.



Boba Milk Tea


Since someone put the chewy pearls into milk tea 25 years ago, boba milk tea has captivated all the Taiwanese and conquered the appetite of foreigners. You can see some vendors selling boba tea in other countries, but their boba tea is not authentic.(What’s worse, they sell it in a very high price!)The REAL boba milk tea should contains pearls cooked with brown sugar for hours so you can taste the smell of brown sugar mixed with milk in every bite. In the tea shops of Taiwan, you can even decide the sugar and ice level to have your beverage customized. Seize the chance to enjoy the cheap Taiwanese national beverage! You should never miss it.


 Boba Tea



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Beef Noodle

Beef noodle has profound knowledge. The broth soup can be categorized into two types-red braised and clear stewed. Usually, the red braised broth is cooked with chili sauce, soil sauce, and some secret Chinese medicine ingredients. The clear stewed broth is cooked with baked cow bones, green onions, and gingers. You can choose wide noodles, thin noodles or cut noodles. If you like to eat chewy stuff, wide noodles and cut noodles are recommended. Cut noodle is an art of culinary, you can see the cook cut the noodle out from the dough rapidly and directly drop it into the boiling water as if he is performing some kung fu. As for the meat, if you like chewy meat, you can order beef of tendon; if you prefer tender one, you can order beef of half tendon.


Beef Noodle

Let’s see how Cut Noodle is made. It’s like the performance of Chinese Kong Fu




Mango Shaved Ice

Smoothie House have spread its reputation internationally through the report of CNN. The most popular item in Smoothie House is mango snow flake. It was mentioned as something must-try in Taiwan. You can choose the topping to enrich your mango snow flake. A ball of mango ice cream on the top with some taro balls dotted around the snow flake looks delicious! Maybe you will come up with your own way to do your decoration.


See the video of mango shaved ice

Six hours should be enough for the food-hunting. If you have your own pocket list, just show it to our guides. They will help you to cross off all the items.

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If you have 8 hours

Sightseeing Taipei Tour

To arrange your time efficiently, how about exploring the icon of Taipei-Din Tai Fung and 101. Din Tai Fung is so popular so it is crowded with people. But it is worthy to spend some time waiting for the dishes served. Needless to say, you can’t miss xiao long bao-with thin skin and juicy stuffing, this delicacy has made Din Tai Fung rated as a one-star restaurant by Michelin. When the xiao long baos are served, you can count the folds on their skin to check if they are all 18 folds. “The golden 18 folds” is the perfect proportion. Too many folds will make the skin of the dumplings thick; on the other hand, too few folds will make the dumplings look less attractive.



Maybe you would have a lot of foods in Dig Tai Fung, taking a walk to Elephant Mountain can be good for your digestion. It is a popular spot to view Taipei City and it is also a must-visit place for photographers to take their best shots. The way up to the observatory platform is a little bit challenging but it only takes 20 minutes to get to the destination. When you arrive, you can find it odd but fascinating that such a concrete jungle is surrounded by nature.

Elephant Mt



If you want to see the whole Taipei City but being too lazy to go hiking, you can take the elevator to the observatory floor of Taipei 101 to overlook Taipei city. The day scene is amazing and the night scene is even more breathtaking. It will be a wonderful experience to see the city gradually covered by the dark veil at dusk.




Something special for business travelers


Traveling for business may be stressful. Maybe you are too tired to go sightseeing.

But we have a solution for you- a meditation tour! Our tour guide will take you to Nung Chan Monastery. This is the only temple built with the scenery in northern Taiwan. The pool in front of the main building is a crucial element which conveys the philosophy of Buddhism. Visitors can spend some time practicing Zen-sitting beside the pool to meditate and release all the concerns and worries. A really effective way to de-toxic your mind, isn’t it? The canteen at the monastery offers  vegetarian meals. Though the foods are not delicate, they are cooked with great worship to nature and God.


the monastery



To make this tour more relaxing, the tour guide will take you to Beitou, where you can take a bath in the hot spring. The spring water in Beitou can release the sore and fatigue from your muscle and it can do a lot of benefit to your skin. Back in the time when people don’t have so many skincare products, people take hot spring to fight against aging. You will find your face in the mirror look younger after you are bathed in the hot spring. That’s not illusion, that’s the magic power of hot spring.


If you happen to visit Taiwan for a layover, we kindly offer the link so you can book these tours with just a click.

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