For the tourists who are tired of the hustle and bustle in Taipei and afraid of the crowd at the popular attractions, there are still gems to be discovered. Shiding is a tranquil town located in the tangled mountains and hills, abandoned by the uproar of the city, and forgotten by the time. (See more tours about the towns in Taiwan) It’s a place for families to spend a leisure day-take a walk at the street to indulge yourself in the nostalgic atmosphere and then pick up some tofu-themed snacks for the afternoon tea. (How to avoid the crowd? You may also interested in this seasonal special: Laomei)


If you want to try some classic tofu dishes then Wang’s tofu can be written into your pocket list. It’s so popular that if you come here late on weekends, some foods may have been sold out. Fried tofu rolls are highly recommended. Take a bite and you can enjoy the crispy skin and the tender, soft stuff. You can also have Tofu pudding (douhua) with peanut dessert soup. The peanuts are stewed soft and the smell totally emerges into the soup. (You may also like: A portal for foodies– find out a food map at Yongkang Street/ What about the food-DIY tour?)


Tofu Roll



What do other foreigners think about Tofu Pudding?



When it comes to classic tofu dishes, how can we miss stinky tofu? You can have a duel stinky tofu combo- a fried version and a steamed version, that’s the best way to taste Taiwanese spirit. Like it or not, you should try it at least once in your lifetime. Maybe it will be your new favorite! If you still don’t have the faintest idea of how to overcome the fear, just hold your breath and bite it.


Stinky Tofu


How about a stinky tofu challenge?


Tofu takes a great part in the Taiwanese diet, it can be combined into all kinds of dishes, even desserts! Chen’s Tofu use tofu as the ingredient instead of flour, so their desserts are low-calorie. What a pleasure to enjoy the sweets without the concern of muffin waist! Try out the delicate, smooth Tiramisù, the taste is so unforgettable that you can’t help taking out the second one.


Can’t get enough of tofu?



Oriental Beauty (For the friends who like tea, check this out: Maokong Day Tour)


Maybe you will feel thirsty after tasting the foods, why not have a cup of Oriental Beauty at Fongchun Tea House? Some people may hate the bitterness of the tea, but don’t worry, Oriental Beauty is famous for the sweet after taste which contains the aroma of fruit and honey. The name “Oriental Beauty” was said to be given from Queen Victoria, because the tea leaves spinning around in the tea looks like elegant dancers, and the color of the tea shines like amber.


Oriental Beauty



Shiding Old Street-the Tunnel Connecting the Glorious Day


The story of Shiding can be told from the development of the tea industry in the late 19th century. Back at the time, the Taiwanese economy thrived with the massive tea exportation. Shiding was one of the tea hubs in Taiwan, and it was the pivot of the ancient road, so people gathered here to join the row of tea cultivation.


Suspended House


However, the hinterland was too narrow for the resident to expand their living space, so they came up with a solution to build the suspended house adjoining to the river bed by the support of the columns. Looked from afar, the houses resemble some gigantic organism with lots of foot. Their structure may seem to be on the verge of collapse, but the houses have witnessed the history of Shiding over a hundred years. The space under the suspended houses formed a consistent street. Locals call it ”Street Without Sunlight ” The street still remains the scene of the last century. It’s an open history book for tourists to read. Maybe you will find a corner to take a photo, let the time frozen at the commemorating moment.


Stone House Entry



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