After 2020’s Christmas celebrations, 2021 New Year is approaching! It’s time to bid farewell to 2020 and embrace a brand new year. On the last day of every year, Taipei always turns itself into a sleepless carnival with a brilliant fireworks show and countless parties from the midnight to the dawn. In this article, we will list the best ways to spend the New Year’s holiday for your Taipei day tour, let’s start with the most epic and well-known event.

1. Taipei 101 (Also read: 10 great places to spend New Year’s Eve by CNN)

With the 508 meters high tower penetrating into the sky, the fireworks show has been one of the most symbolic events in Asia. People from all over the world crowd to the blocks around 101 to join the new year counting down. When it comes to the stage of final countdown, the building will turn off all the light and light up again from the bottom to the top, making Taipei 101 the biggest New Year’s Eve countdown clock in the world, . You can feel your heart pounding and surging more and more strongly as the light reach to the top. When people count to 0, the fireworks blast out to cheer for the prelude of the new year.

Watching the Taipei 101 fireworks show is a rite that people can’t miss for the NYE. It will be perfect if you have booked a hotel with a wonderful view and close to 101. For those who didn’t make it for the reservation, don’t be upset, here we offer some spots for viewing the show. (Read more: something you don’t know about 101)

Due to the Covid-19, the Taipei city government has decided that if there is a single domestic case with unidentified  source of infection, all the participants will be required to wear mask through out the event; and if there are 15 domestic cases with unidentified source of infection increasing in a week, the event will be hold in online broadcast, without entry for participants.

A. Xinyi District (What does Lonely Planet say about Xinyi District?)

People in Taipei flock to Xingyi District to enjoy the NYE party held around Taipei 101, where they can see the most popular singers. Shuttling through the extremely crowed people at NYE is something that all the residents should have experienced at least once in their lifetime. It may sound horrible, but singing and swaying to the songs with friends can warm your heart and your body, makes you feel energetic for the next coming year. Therefore if you want to try the most classic way to celebrate NYE, that can be your plan. We kindly offer you some tips for this activity-Do not drink too much water. You will find it a super challenge just to walk out of the crowd to the nearest toilet. (See more: Things to do in Xinyi: Best Taipei Shopping & Scenic Views)

B. Elephant Mountain (See our previous article about Elephant Mountain)

Elephant Mountain is regarded as the VIP seat area to view the firework show. If you are an enthusiastic photographer, it is a chance you can never miss. There will be numerous cannon-like cameras targeting at Taipei 101. Therefore, if you want to win the best spots, remember to get there earlier before people swarm up to the mountain. Top places for observing the surrounding landscape include the Shooter’s Platform, Six Boulders, and Fireworks Platform. It is suggested that people arrive at Elephant Mountain in the early afternoon and go up to the observatory platform for the perfect view. Prepare yourself with some pizza and fried chickens as the supplement of energy and delight and take a friend with you so you won’t feel bored while waiting for the count-down.

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2. North Coast

Just an hour ride from Taipei, north coast in Taiwan offers an escape from the busy urban life with a breathtaking landscape. The events held in North Coast may not be the most popular ones, but still worth exploring.

A. Bali Firework Show

This is the first time that government of New Taipei City holds a firework show at Bali, which is the left bank of Tamsui River mouth. People can take a walk at Tamsui to see the last sunset of 2020, and taste some fresh seafood street snacks by the river. After dinner time, you can take a ferry and go across the Tamsui River to the bank of Bali to view the firework show above the river.

B. Bitoujiao Sunrise

For those who are not party lovers but need a place to celebrate new year, there are several spots to wait for the first sunrise. Bitoujiao is a cape in Keelung. Facing the monsoon, the terrain is shaped into various formations. The wave-cut cliff provides a perfect nature observatory for visitors to see the sunrise. You can even pitch a tent on the platform, listening to the wave and have some beer with friends under the starry sky(if the weather is nice) When the sun rises, you can glimpse the glow dyeing the sea into colorful silk if you are lucky. After the sun light up the scene, visitors can see the panorama with the ridge winding into the sea and the sea stretching to the sky.

3. Yanmingshan Hot Spring

If you consider yourself an early bird rather than a night owl, than this plan is made for you. You can book a hotel with hot spring, totally relaxing yourself and let the spring water wash away all the annoyance and stress to welcome a split new year.

If you fail to book a hotel, you can go up to Qingtiangang and wait for the sun looming up from the mist-covered mountain. After sunrise you can start exploring the hiking trails. The cold air in the mountains is so refreshing that it is a perfect way to start a new year. If you want some challenge, then you can try going up to the summit of Qixing Mountain, where you can see Taipei city waking up from the dawn in the beginning day of a year. Before you go up to Yanmingshan, please take note that you need a jacket to keep you from being frozen and a bottle of hot coffee keep you warm and awake. There is no public transportation to Yanmingshan before daybreak, so visitors without cars can only get there by taxi. That may cost some money, but it is totally worth it.

4. For Taitung only!!! 2021 A-mei Free New Year Eve Concert

A-Mei, is a 48-year-old Taiwanese Puyuma singer and record producer. In 1996, she made her singing debut and released her album, Sisters. Since then she won several times of Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer, and she is one of the singers who won the category the most times. Having sold more than 50 million records, she is often referred to as the “Queen of Mandopop”.

The announcement surprisingly came “Recently the most distant dream, finally come true, be my guest, here, is my starting point for all, our 2021,” she said in her post. “I’m back, you guys coming?”. A-mei has been taking a long break to spend times with her family, and she’s coming back on stage in her hometown Taitung (Taitung Seashore Park/Haibin Park) on the first day of 2021. I’d say it’s a wonderful way to say farewell to 2020 and welcoming 2021 🙂

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