As long as I need to prepare some interesting things to share with classmates about summer vacation that opened the page of our Taiwan family trip. My mom wanted me to practice catching up the whole plan for our Taiwan tour. My grandparents were keen on traditional Taiwanese things so I decided to discover Pingxi with them together. Then we would back from Pingxi to Taipei by a private car because it would be easier if we bought a lot of souvenirs back home.



My siblings were impressed by nature beauty just like hills, coastal lines and creeks in Pingxi and they liked what our private tour guide presented to us too. My grandparents wrote many wishes on Pingxi lanterns and sent photos to share with their friends in Thai. Since the pace was so quick nowadays and everything tended to be faster, this seaside town offered peace and calm to our hearts. That was the reason why we loved the countryside so much. Thanks to our private guide and cozy van, we could move to many different places where we really wanted to see and discover in a short time.



It was easy to start a trip with a nice Taiwan tour package even we couldn’t speak any Chinese. Our tour guide spoke good English which we didn’t need to worry would be lost during the trip. We were thinking about visiting Yehliu Geopark and Yehliu Ocean World next time during Pingxi lantern festival because both of these two places were not too far away. I thought I could write a lot about the journey in Taiwan in my diary because I loved some details about how Taiwanese people enjoy their life and at the same time, I could share fascinating memories in Pingxi with my dearest family this year.


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