Yehliu(野柳) is probably the most attractive tourist destination for nature lovers; numerous extraordinary geological formations, such as the iconic one “Queen’s Head” (女王頭)” would absolutely wow many visitors. Besides taking a glimpse of the beauty of Yehliu Geopark, your family/friends and you shouldn’t miss out Guihou Fishing Harbor(龜吼漁港), a rising star that provides visitors with a wide selection of fresh seafood. 

Yehliu sounds like an amazing tourist spot to go; however, as situated in the north of Taiwan, it would be more convenient if you take a Taipei private tour so that you are able to connect more options nearby altogether in your Taiwan tour. And needless to say, Guihou Fishing Harbor would be the next destination following Yehliu.

【The Story Behind Guihou】

“Guihou(龜吼)” derives its name from “Guikong(龜孔),” literally indicates “turtle hole,” due to the fact that many sea turtles live and reproduce by the seashore. Nonetheless, because of a spelling error as well as misunderstanding, local people gradually call this area as Guihou.

【Why Guihou Fishing Harbor?】

How to make your Taiwan tour memorable and mouth-watering is pretty essential, right? So, before booking your Taiwan tour packages, Guihou Fishing Harbor, just adjacent to the ocean, is where you can savor fish fresh off the boats. By a private tour car, it takes less than 10 minutes from Yehliu to Guihou to select your meal. 

【Where to Select Seafood?】

In fact, as you approach Guihou, there are a great number of restaurants showcasing a variety of seafood for customers to pick up outside. Once customers tell a waiter or waitress the number of seafood they want, they provide the service of cooking the chosen ingredients as favorite cuisine.

Also, there’s a Guihou Fish Market(龜吼漁夫市集)that gather many fisher booths vending seafood they just catch; crabs, cuttlefish, squids, fish, you name it. Some also make it as fresh sashimi(刺身), so taking a Taipei private tour here, why not just relax, sit down and feast on seafood nearby the ocean.

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