Visiting boiling hot summer in Taipei, where temperature is usually as high as 35 degrees, needs more preparation in advance; sometimes, you might imagine that how cozy and cheerful it is to savor icy delicacies during Taiwan tour, perhaps reserving a private car is a great option to help you straight to your favorite stores. Still, I am going to recommend some stores worth visiting during summer, be them famous or low-profile, you should try.

  • Banmu Yard(半畝院子)

As re-designed from a historical house, Banmu Yard remains the service of providing fresh vegetarian cuisine and tea as the previous restaurant, Hueliu(回留). However, although keeping a tidy and nostalgic style of decoration, Banmu Yard seemly makes the space wider, so customers can chat with each other and casually enjoy the moment. 

Baishui topu pudding(白水豆花), definitely their appetizing snack, attracts a ton of foodies lining up to taste it. This topu pudding features organic and natural ingredients, such as soybeans and water from a high mountain. When eating it with syrup, you would totally cool down.

  • Youmou To Ohana Coffee(羊毛與花)

Taking a glance from outside, you might suddenly feel as you were in Kyoto; with wooden ornamentation, verdant plants, also the name. Embarking on journey during summer isn’t easy, if taking a Taiwan family trip, you should take a rest and refill energy in a cozy environment, and this cafe can serve a wide selection of coffee and tea, such as osmanthus latte, oolong tea, and berries juice, etc.. Also, besides drinking, why not order a plate of lemon or cheesecake to spice up your afternoon.

  • Smoothie House(思慕昔)

There is no denying that this store boasts many kinds of ice cream with fruits, and mango ice cream is probably the most well-famous that allures tourists with freshly-harvested mango cubes on top of the icy smoothie. How could human beings reject this refreshing delicacy in summer, right? Therefore, when booking a Taipei day tour, don’t miss out on this place. 

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