This year in the summer of September, my child and I have a wonderful holiday – Taiwan tour.
My wife and I bought the Taiwan tour packages through the Taipei travel agency and get ready for the highly-anticipated Jiufen tour.


The Taiwan tour guide took us to the Taiwan elementary school in Jiufen, Ruifang. The school is characterized by a long slide with the 3D undersea painting. My daughter Alice really likes this school and she wants to come to Taiwan to study!



The students here have a happy childhood and a free learning environment. We walk along the fence of the school. Each wall has cute and colorful graffiti. The tour guide says these graffiti are all painted by students. The atmosphere of the whole school is very lively and lovely. I believe that the students at this school must be very happy.


Then we went to the Buyan pavilion, which is located on the hill of Jiufen old street. The scenery of the blue sky and white clouds is very beautiful. This is one of the routes that many heavy motorcycle riders like to ride. It is the best place to enjoy the lonely road. The Buyan pavilion can see the scenery of the township in Shuangxi district, you can also look at the Ruifang area. It is no wonder that even foreign directors want to come here to shoot advertisements.



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The name of the pavilion is said to have been taken from Li Bai’s poem:


“Sitting Alone in Jingting Mountain”

Flocks of birds fly high and vanish;
A single cloud, alone, calmly drifts on.
Never tired of looking at each other—
Only the Jingting Mountain and me.


(“Buyan” is the transliteration of “never tired of”)



We enjoyed the beautiful sunset here (Read Also: 10 spots for sunset spotting in Taipei recommended by Geotechnical Engineering Office). After the sun went down, our Taipei local tour guide led us to the famous Jiufen old street for dinner (Read Also: Jiufen Old Street: A Day Trip from Taipei for Real-life Miyazaki Experience). Today, our guide arranged for us the Taipei day tour’s itinerary and brought us to tourist attractions in Taipei, we are super satisfied.




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