Keelung City, standing the north of Taiwan, is proud of its booming harbor. This city is well famous for tourism with a marine atmosphere and a port of international cruises. However, if you only get 6 hours to sightseeing and find things to do in Keelung, don’t forget to book a private car first, so that it’s more time-saving to experience the beauty of Keelung. Let’s hurry up and follow the 3 must-see tourist attractions!

Zhengbin Fishing Port (正濱漁港)

This tourist attraction is a rising star in recent years, and it’s considered an Instagram hit spot boasting the combination of colorful houses at the seashore. With the background of emerald mountains, those colors-red, purple, orange, yellow, you name it-becomes even more outstanding. 

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Heping Island (和平島) / Heping Island Park (和平島公園)

Situated in the northeast of Keelung Harbor, Heping Island is renowned for its diverse formations of rocks by sea because of monsoons and waves crashing against. Taking a brief walk along zigzag paths, and enjoy ocean breeze could be really cozy and stress-releasing. However, if preferring more in Taiwan tour packages, you should visit the seafood market in the evening, and pick up what’s fresh into mouths. 

Keelung Miaokou Night Market (基隆廟口夜市)

The Chinese word “Miaokou” (廟口) refers to the entrance of a temple, only 8 minutes away from Keelung Station by walking. It is believed that in the old days, Chinese immigrants gathered and started their new living centering at the Dianji Temple (奠濟宮). Therefore, besides savoring foods stands in the most famous night market in Keelung, you could also experience how Taiwanese locals pray for their better life.

Joining a Taiwan tour, don’t forget to try something related to the locals. For example, when traveling to Keelung, featuring a large harbor in Taiwan, why not delightfully feast on fresh seafood; shrimp Thick Soup, butter crabs, oyster omelets, fried squid balls, etc., are all must-eats in Miaokou Night Market. (Read more: Eat Like a Local: Attention to All Foodies! 5 Things You Must Eat at Keelung Miaokou Night Market)

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Note:If you believe the time is plenty, then National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (國立海洋科技博物館) can be another option (or as Plan B on a rainy day)

Located at the Haikeguan railway station (海科館站), this building used to be electricity plant in the past, and now designated as a museum, which focuses on a wide range of collections regarding marine life. Galleries of the marine environment, deep marine, marine technologies, etc., can be viewed at your ease. If you take the Taiwan family trip to Keelung, then the spot is obvious a great option combining education and entertainment.

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