According to my best friend’s Taiwan family trip was gorgeous last year, I wanted to go with my family this year. I realize Mandarin is important nowadays and I always want to let my children learn some so maybe it would be a nice change (Read Also: 10 Reasons why you should learn Mandarin). Due to my friend gave me some trip advice, I almost checked everything before we arrived. I booked a Taipei day tour and Jiufen tour from vast Taiwan tour packages for our whole family.



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As soon as we arrived at the airport, our Taiwan tour guide warmly picked us up and took us to Jiufen’s hotel. We lived in Ruifang district for a night in order to see the sunrise. Thanks to jet lag, we woke up at 4:40 a.m., and the sunrise would be 5:30 a.m. Since our guide took us to a higher point near Jinguashi (Read Also: 5 Things to Do in JIUFEN/JINGUASHI), the view there was far beyond my imagination, you could see the whole view from the top included mountains and the sea, it was too good to say goodbye. Our guide told us that Jiufen old street (Read Also: Jiufen Old Street: A Day Trip from Taipei for Real-life Miyazaki Experience) was an essential where tourists shouldn’t miss.


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Not only my two kids but also my husband and I were so happy to have this excellent trip in Taiwan because our local tour guide was amazing and everything was so novel to us. Everything we faced was like “culture shock” (Read Also: Errrgggghhhh – Dealing With Culture Shock When Living in Taiwan) in a nice situation to us. Our guide was professional and kind who told us lots of Chinese words via English. I thought we would ask him to be our guide again. So nice to have a Taiwanese friend like him. And traveling in a private car was easy and affordable with little kids no matter from Taipei or Jiufen. The most important thing was that you could save time and explore more places you want.





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