CNN: “hundreds of adorable stray cats” & National Geographic: “Look Inside Taiwan’s ‘Cat Village'”


Houtong cat village which sits in New Taipei City, letting Taiwan been selected by CNN as one of the “The world’s six cat-watching spots”. Our family loves cats and was very curious about this Taipei activity. Therefore, we decided to arrange the Taiwan tour through Taiwan travel agency.


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The local tour guide arranged the Pingxi attraction as a Taipei day tour’s travel itinerary. Pingxi line Taipei railway station include Jingtong, Shifen, Pingxi, Houtong, Ruifang, etc. Each station is a tourist attraction. We have already purchased the Taiwan tour packages through the travel agency in advance. This package includes the Pingxi railway one-day ticket, which can be used multiple times. It’s very convenient! (Read Also: Complete Guide to the Pingxi Line, Taiwan & Everything You Need To Know About Pingxi Lantern Festival)




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In order to let us experience the ancient railway of Pingxi line Taiwan, our Taiwan tour guide led us to take the railway from the Shifen to the Houtong. Because we are special to watch cats, we almost stay here. Every cat in cat village has its own name, but the tour guide also specially asks us not to touch the cat when traveling to the Houtong and please wash your hands so that you can’t take the germs home. Cats’ epidemic doesn’t spread to people, so don’t be too scared; visitors can still feed cats! Cat hides owning to too many tourists, and the number of cats is less than I expected. The shops here sell postcards of cat pictures, commemorative tickets, commemorative coins, etc. It’s so cute that my heart melt easily! (Read Also: Office warns of Houtong Cat Village disease risk)




After dusk, the tour guide took us to Pingxi old street for dinner. We taste the delicious stinky tofu, carambola juice, sausage, tofu ice cream and more. Since Pingxi has too many sightseeing spots, we decided to spend another day to travel the Pingxi. The tour guides cooperated with our temporary itinerary changes and immediately arranged the Pingxi accommodation. Thanks for this professional guide to let us experience this amazing Pingxi tour. (Read Also: Taipei Day Trip: Shifen & Jiufen Guide To All The Must-Eat-See-Dos)



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