Taiwan tourism bureau often introduces Taiwanese culture, tourist attractions and festivals. My girlfriend and I decided to plan a Taiwan tour through the Mid-autumn festival in September this year. (Read Also: CNN: More than just mooncakes: A guide to Mid-Autumn Festival & 5 Taiwanese Customs to Celebrate Moon Festival)




Apart from Mid-autumn festival, Taiwanese are constantly celebrating Traditional Festivals in the year! The Lantern festival comes after Lunar year, Pingxi has organized an exclusive event ─ Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival (Read Also: CNN: A Taiwan village where wishes light up the night sky). We are very much looking forward to seeing the lift of the Taiwan festival. We purchase the Taiwan tour packages through the Taiwan travel agency and this package includes the Pingxi railway ticket. The Pingxi line Taipei railway has many stations, the most famous station is “Shifen and Pingxi”. Pingxi line Taiwan is the traditional railway branch line operated by the Taiwan railway administration, therefore each station is a tourist attraction, making it convenient for passengers to travel in Pingxi.


We got off at the “Shifen Station” and saw Sky Lantern Police Station uses lanterns as artwork. Therefore, lanterns can be seen everywhere. The sky lantern is a famous traditional activity in Northern Taiwan during the lantern festival. People usually write their wishes on the sky lanterns with hopes for peace and good fortune for the coming new year. We bought a sky lantern at the store next to the railway and wrote our wishes to the sky lantern. The boss who sells lanterns teaches us how to let the sky lanterns fly. We looked at the sky and watched many sky lanterns flying in the sky at the same time, it’s really beautiful!


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I saw the children draw a cute cartoon on the sky lantern and the couples wrote a promise to each other on the lantern. Pingxi after the evening is very romantic because the lanterns in the sky are like the stars shining in the night sky. This is a tourist attraction that is very suitable for the Taiwan family tour because I saw many parents taking their children to travel here.



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