When my uncle asked me to take a Taiwan family trip with them in order to share rooms together, I was quite hesitated about it. Since I have never been to Asia and this would be my very first time to travel without my parents. Surprisingly my mom encouraged me to do it! To be brave, I said yes to this adventure! Taiwan is far away from the UK so it would be the longest flight I have ever taken: London to Taipei.




After a long flight but a great rest, we were so excited to explore Taipei. We saw people begin their Taipei day tour with the double-decker. The double-decker was just like the one in London but I thought people could see many famous and cool landmarks of Taipei during the road trip. By the way, the TPE (Taipei) airport is actually located in another city – Taoyuan; so finding a way to Taipei City is a challenge that foreigner would be facing in the first step (unless you book Taiwan trip guide from travel agency in advance). Thank god we start our Taiwan tour in a right way: we book a Justaiwantour Taiwan tour guide for our Taipei City tour!




My cousins and I had a nice day visited different attractions in our comfortable car without spending extra time to wait for public transportation. Taiwan is such a family friendly country to visit. Our friendly, English-speaking Taipei local guide first explained for us that Taiwan is totally different from Thailand (which we desperately to know!). Then tourist attractions in Taipei such as Taipei 101, National Palace Museum, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple and so on. It was a mind blowing experience that we did not expect such a small country would imply rich history like this! Also it was impressive to see temples near skyscraper and to learn Taiwan temple culture.


(14 Things To Do in Taipei)


(Top 7 Places To Visit In Taipei, Taiwan)



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At the end of the day, I shared our tours in Taipei with my family back in the UK. They were all jealous that I could have vacations to Taipei, Taiwan. My uncle Joe then told us that we were going to Jiufen by the same private car and tour guide the next day. Though I had never heard of this New Taipei City attraction before. It was far more easier to reach Jiufen by a private car charter! We were so happy to have a Jiufen tour package via this enjoyable way which was not expensive at all. We didn’t want to go back from Jiufen to Taipei because of its unique scenery which was totally different from England. You could play sea activities in Jiufen, fly your own dreamy sky lanterns or even hike. You could also stroll around its streets and historic lanes or just sat there and enjoyed its special cuisines and food stands. What a good life!




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